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I have a question for the UK folks out there

Guest SouthernCelt

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Guest SouthernCelt

Read the article at the link below and then please explain to me what 'antisocial behavior' in the UK is considered to be.

Police want spy planes to fight anti-social behaviour

I'm asking this because the article says the UK authorities are predicating their need for this type of surveillance on the fact that similar surveillance is used in the US; however, in the US what's looked for is plain old crime. To me antisocial behavior is some jerk breaking in line and daring the people behind him to do anything about it. With all the dope selling, theft and murder going on, no respectable police agency in the US is going to be watching for displays of bad manners. If they've got so few crimes to pursue that they have time for that, maybe they need to reduce staff and put the money to better use.

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