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The next turning of the Millennium

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Bardo Thodol

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I have thought of this from time to time over the years.  And it has been on my mind recently.  I have wondered what the future turning of the Millennium would be like for 3000, based upon the MillenniuM mytharcs.  I imagined that there would be "ancient stories," legends, myths, and religions which would crop up about people, events, and communities of the early 21st century.... Things like "Jordan the Shepard", and "Jessica Cayce", and the "Many Faced One" (ie Legion).  Due to the storyline of the Owls prediction of "a rip/anolomie in the fabric of space-time"... I have imagined that there would be some sort of shift/transformation of our solar system's gravimetric/electromagnetic balance, and likewise shifts/transformations of the earth's systems.  Perhaps a new stage of evolution for all species of plants, animals (including humans), and insects.

I have imagined that there would be some sort of science developed by the Owls/Millennium Group that would deal with superstring and quantum theories, and that this would somehow relate to the "transformation" that this "rip" would cause.  And this new science would be have a big part in shaping the civilizations of the new Millennium coming up to 3000.  And, I want to say emphatically that my imaginings in this regard are totally based upon the genre established in MillenniuM, the show.  My own thoughts/speculations about the real future of religion, myth, spirituality, and science are very different from this (accept for a new science and knowledge evolving out of string theory and quantum physics, and this shaping the civilizations of the new millennium, etc... and, of course, my speculations about this new science do not include a secretive scientific secular millennialist society like the Owls, nor do my speculations about this new science involve a "rip in space-time transforming our solar system" etc.)

Those are some of my general thoughts (or not so general thoughts) on my topic.  What are your thoughts, ideas,

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......not to poke light,but one thing i DO know is that i'll be,thankfully,loooooong dead and gone. and if humanity is still around i'm sure it'll,rightfully,be near it's end.    

    ..all the quantum theories,scientific breakthroughs whether by owls/roosters or whatever will be irrelevent because the human species,unless a miracle happens,cannot handle true discovery,scientific or otherwise.  cheery? nope. but that's how i see things as of now.

      ...perhaps others will have more imaginative and enlightening things to contribute.   :thinking_big:

                                            ~se7en  :ouro:

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The only thing I know for sure is that the people of the future will still be reading Goopta...

........"WHO??".............  :smily_tooth_big:

                                       se7en :ouro:

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:thinking_big: Well, hopefully we will have evolved somewhat.  I think that is inevitable.  I know there is much corruption of the human race right now, but it may also be that we notice the differences more, because the gap between the "enlightened" and the not-so-inlightened, is growing ever wider.  It's like the old phrase "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer".  As a certain percentage of the population becomes more advanced, it makes the ones left behind more noticible.  Plus, the added fact that the population has exploded so, makes the difference hard to ignore.  I don't meen to sound too much like an Owl....  I know this sounds weird comming from me, but the evolution of the PLANET is not only explainable in scientific terms, but in spiritual terms as well.  And....while I may not be around to see this come about in this body, I don't doubt that I'll be a part of it in another form.  I think it will be an exciting time to be alive.

Just MY 2 cents-worth.....   NEXT?! :Owls_Ouro_Large:  :Ouro_Large:

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Guest Wellington


Yes I agree, man will have evolved by then, even if it means a huge step back! I wonder what there will be in history books in 1000 years from now... Looking back, one would probably see many other wars, ecological catastrophies, dozens of new holocausts that "noone will ever forget in order to not do it again - promised", other tyrans, other martyrs, a few hopes for mankind (the story of those human heroes who were first to venture outside their house, at least 40 feet away from their tv set, alone in the cold, boldly grounding their flag on that uncharted territory), genetically modified sports world records, large periods of political void, rises and falls of nations, rises and falls of people.

Basically the same, in fact, except from the fact that we may cook our eggs faster, and may vote for our pet dog as next leader of the country.

Perhaps underground some kind of MMM Group would have tried something, withdrawing only because its own members would not know the definition of belief, prophecy, faith, and such M or MM oddities. Its Old Man would have lived in an acid-rain devastated forest, surrounded by chihuahuas -being then the second biggest (in population number) specie on earth (first one being those unmatured embryos who would nurture their own revolution)- whose attempt to take over the world by hijacking a Chinese starship and hurling it on a pet house would have failed only because the ship would not count enough lamposts for all of them. God! you bet they would be angry on this Millennium eve...

Yeah... year 3000... don't worry, it is just that I am stuck at the office for some hours and it is already 6:45 pm... I need a break and the End of the world. Any of it... or all of it...

:wink_big:  Sorry Scott... Won't do it again...


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Okay.  Let's just speculate that in the MLM universe, humanity makes it to 2999... what would a MLM episode or movie look like?

Are we talkin' hovercrafts and apes talkin' over the planet here? :wink_big:  :laugh_big:  :alien:  :p

:thinking_big: I'll have to give this one somethought.

~Raven Wolf :bigsmile:

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