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MillenniuM Thanksgiving

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As I recall, there never was an MLM thanksgiving episode, was there.  If there was, please correct me.

However, I am going to go with there assumption there wasn't one, and the reason I am is, I was wondering what people would think such an episode would have looked like.  What would be the story line?  What would happen?  Would the Blacks be having T-G dinner at the big yellow house (if season one), or at Catherines parents?  Were would they be if it was season two?  Would they have it together?  Would Frank be alone because Catherine would go to her parents?

It was just something I was just mulling over when I just signed on now.

hey, give it a go... setting, plotline, location, etc.  You don't have to write the episode, just outline it, and give your reasoning behind it.

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A realy moving one....like "The Curse of Frank Black" (Halloween) or "Midnight of the Century" (Christmas) :thinking_big:

 Maybe set when he's seperated from Catherine, or after she dies.  Like the "What the hell do I have to be thankful for" theme.  Maybe, at some point, some wise person will start talking about the first thanksgiving... actualy telling the accurate historical side.  No cranberry sauce outta a can! :wink_big:  

 I'll come back when I have more ideas....

Good topic, Scott! :thumbsup_big:

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