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BVC Network Revealed

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I'll post it here for you -



The world of the online, script-based virtual series is growing. More sites across the board are springing up with more writers creating continuations or spin-offs of existing shows and concepts, or their own original projects. Very soon - yet another VS network will join the ranks, and it's goal? To present fiction the equal of any before seen on the Net.

That place...is BVC.

Blackster Virtual Community will be an online hub dedicated to the creation of virtual series in script form. Inspired by, and a close affiliate of Monster Zero Productions, the online leading light of VS series production, BVC will contain a talented and hard-working staff of writers, producers and graphic artists, all working together for the common goal of entertaining those that mean the most. The readers...the fans...

January 1st, 2007.

That's the date to put in your diary. New Year's Day will be the grande opening of BVC, when the board will publically 'go live'. And to celebrate the day, BVC will be presenting a feature-length adventure starring a very familiar, legendary movie action hero - we'll leave you guessing as to which! But that will tide you over until the premiere of our inaugural season of shows destined to keep you thrilled and chilled throughout 2007, and beyond.

The Shows: (in order of release)

The first (and hopefully not last) staff-created BVC sitcom, created from an idea by Paul Robinson, about the lives and loves of Paul, MJ, Arc & Tony - four aspiring writers in New York City, starring James Franco amongst an ensemble cast...

The show will premiere Thursday 4th January, for a 14-episode run.

Picking up where the esteemed Virtual Season 4 left off way back in late 1999, we venture once more into the darkened mind of profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen - Aliens) as though the millennium may have passed, evil still exists. VS5 is brought to life by a stellar staff headed by showrunner James Jordan...

The show will premiere Friday 5th January, for a 22-episode run.

Comedy - the hardest game in the world, and Nathan 'Nat' White is about to prove it. In this British comedy drama, created by MZP hit The DSR creator A. J. Black and starring Christian Coulson amongst a large ensemble cast, Nat faces the trials and tribulations of not only trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in his home of the Midlands, but surviving amongst the adventures of his friends and family in the bargain...

The show will premiere Saturday 6th January for a 12-episode run.

Creative team Joshua Legg and Joseph Burdette present a twisted, dark and adult look that skewers the world of Star Trek as we know it, and propels it into an entirely new direction as we follow the journey of Thomas Hatch (Martin Freeman - The Office), a 24th century, washed-up cargo captain, a man with an incredible, far reaching destiny...

The show will premiere, with a re-run of established episodes leading into new ones, on Tuesday 9th January, for a full season.


An original, exciting action drama created by Alden. C. Caele, featuring David Boreanaz (Angel) as Joss Grey - leader of a team of very different hired assassins who find their work conflicting with their emotions and indeed morals...

The show will premiere Sunday 28th January, for a 13-episode run.

A brand new era in the famed 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' is brought to life as creator Paul Robinson takes us on a rip-roaring adventure into the 1940's and a League mixed of classic characters from film and literature, with a cast headlined by Farscape & Stargate's Claudia Black...

The show will premiere in February.


If you've ever been afraid of what happens when you die, just be thankful you're not Deacon Abrams. As played by Logan Marshall-Green, Deacon is sucked into 'Netherworld', a nightmarish realm parallel to our own where your darkest fantasies can come true. From the pen of MZP hit Pathways creator, Brian Lamkin.

The show will premiere in February.

Another example of a show cancelled before it's time, Rachel Nichols (Alias) heads an ensemble cast as troubled agent Rebecca Locke as we re-enter the lives of the Violent Crimes unit, the creative torch being passed onto showrunner Michael Jay...

The show will premiere in March

The Staff:

A list of the senior staff members working to bring BVC to life for your upcoming viewing pleasure:

The Virtual Godfather - Tony 'Blackster' Black

Chiefs of Staff - JT 'Vaughn'; 'Alden'. C. Caele; Brian 'Spazkid' Lamkin; Paul 'Terminus' Robinson.

Executive Producers - Michael JayJames Jordan; Joshua 'Actaeon' Legg; Joseph 'Vanishing Blue' Burdette.

Producers - Matthew 'Matt' Latham; Sarah-Jane 'Islove' Sheppard; Brendan. M. Leonard; Angelo Shrine; Jeremy Daniels; 'Arcadio' Reyes; Will 'Agentdark' Amott; David 'Xanderfan' McCarthy.

and finally...

Executive Consultant - Lee 'Monster Zero' Chrimes


I hope you'll join all of us when BVC launches as we celebrate the beginning of a new year. We'll be popping up now and then to further promote our site over the next coming month or two, in various different ways, but we wanted to tell you all now so you'll know where to be on New Year's Day!

Thanks for reading and remember...the VS world just got a whole lot bigger...

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