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Scully Sighting....

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:alien:  I was soooooo shocked to see Gillian Anderson's name pop up as the star of a movie on the Independant Film channel, called House of Mirth...from 2000.  It's set in the early 1900's and, while she looked bitchin' in the costume, all I could think after 2 minutes was...."Oh my God!  Why, Scully?  Why are we here?" :thinking_big:  :laugh_big:
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Guest LauraKrycek
I remember when this movie came out.  I have one of the theatre cards for it, that my high school drama teacher got when he went to see the movie.  I never saw it, though (but the main image on my website is from it).  She was a favorite for Oscar noms for that movie, but I think she ended up not being nominated.  I still want to see the movie... it sounded pretty cool to me.  Plus I love the time period.  And most of the actors in it.
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