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The Eye

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Guest strich

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I'm not sure I'd call this MM related, but a lot of the same feeling came across thru this movie as MM, with some very similar filming and tactics used, especially from season 1.  The film is cantonese.  It's about a blind woman that is given a cornea transplant and begins to see things that the previous owner of the corneas witnessed.  She also has the ability to forsee future events by witnessing the dead.  It's got some Sixth Sense feel to it, but it's much better.  I can't stress how amazing this film is without sounding cheesy.  This is definitely a must-see!  You can find it at your local Blockbuster or other video store.
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Guest LauraKrycek
Sounds reminiscent of "The Others" episode "Eyes", about a man who undergoes lasic eye surgery and is then able to see demons.  But it sounds interesting; I'll have to keep an "eye" out for it.   :bigsmile:
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There is another thread on this movie in a different forum:


I've seen The Eye and I have replied in that other thread (and also I have a review of the movie at my ENTERLINE MEDIA site).

Be Seeing You,

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I did a search before posting the new post, but didn't come back with any results, but thanks for letting me know.  I checked out your review on double vision and now I'm going to have to pick it up.  It sounds great!  thanks for the head's up.
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