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Millennium Clock won on E-Bay...

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I've just won a Millennium Clock on E-Bay that is different from the one displayed on Matt's Millennium Collections site.

I've yet to receive delivery but it is expected soon...

A picture of the clock is displayed below.

The description was as follows:




Great Alarm Clock for Millennium fans! (The series created by Chris Carter of X-Files fame)

Features alarm and Millennium logo on the clock face, runs off 1 AA battery (not included)

Fantastic rare item to add to your Millennium collection!

I was wondering how rare this clock actually is...


:ouro: Graham.

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Guest millennium-collections

Hey Graham,

Nice find on ebay!!! I'll be adding the pic in my gallery when I get the chance. Unfortunately, many of these clocks are not official merchandise. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure the one on my site is the real thing. They are one of those "insert your own printed image" items. The only way to tell if one of these items is the real thing is to see if it pops apart and then take a look at the image inside the clock. The image itself is not necesarily important, but the paper or card stock it's printed on is. Close examination will reveal whether or not it was professionally printed by FOX, or by someone trying to make a quick buck with thier inkjet printer. Either way, it's a cool item to have though. On a side note, I have recently obtained from Austria the hardback book edition of "The Frenchman" aka "2000". I have never seen anything like it.....too bad it's in german :(  but it looks really cool on my shelf.  :)


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Thanks for the info Matt!

When Sky originally broadcast Millennium in the UK at the end of the nineties... they used to have a little catalogue inside the monthly Sky magazine called Sky Gear. It was split into sections such as X-Files, Simpson's, friends etc and Millennium!  :p

Every month I wanted to rder so much stuff from it but I was in debt (struggling) at the time and couldn't do it...

My God am I sad now... :cry:

They had so much Millennium stuff in there, all Official like Calendars, Clocks, Diary/Blotters etc i can't remember this clock but i think the one you have the piccie of was in there...

I still say there's an abandoned warehouse somewhere full of Millennium items going to waste...

Thanks for the gen anway, i'll be sure to check it out when the thing arrives...

Actually, I owe the find to Jack Bauer who emailed me to ask if I had seen it? It didn't look like he'd bid so I went for it...

I should apologise to Amrith though as when the auction finished it said I'd been competing with him for it! Sorry Amrith! :blush:

Gra.  :ouro:

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I should apologise to Amrith though as when the auction finished it said I'd been competing with him for it! Sorry Amrith ! :blush:

No problem ! :D

The seller had another MillenniuM clock, exactly the same, and he sold the second item to me, two days after you.

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Makes you think if he had more than one are they indeed fake goods ?  :eyes:

Yes, it smells the fake item now...

Let us request that the MillenniuM logo is not simply a sticker. ???

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Guest Frank_Black_UK

I bought a clock simular to this about a year ago from the US on Ebay  :D but it was in black. Have seen a silver one before they look cool! Good find   :D  

Not sure if they are genuine/rare or not, there were a lot of these in black being sold when I bought mine, but even so it's still a cool item!

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Well, my clock arrived in the post today and I have to say I'm dissapointed... There was no packaging, just a tiny jiffy bag with it stuffed inside..

It's very small but looks exactly like the photo. basicaly a Travel Clock, so at least I can take Millennium everywhere I go..!  :D

No battery supplied, it looks like someone has bought a syupply of silver travel clocks from some publicity/marketing company and just stuck a small Millennium logo picture inside.. mine even has a tiny blemish in the photo...  :down:

For £15 I got royally screwed.... boohoo...

Amrith I hope you get yours too as you've paid for it...


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