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MM Quote/source?

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Stupid finals keeping me from tiwwa. They're over, except that little paper thing, which will get done...

Anyway when I was reading my art history this quote struck me. It sounded very similar to what Frank tells Emma at the end of Exegesis:

Art History Book: 'The eleventh and twelfth centuries were a period of great building activity in Europe... as one eleventh-century monk noted, "Each people of Christendom rivaled with each other, to see which should worship in the finest buildings. The world shook herself, clothed everywhere in a white garment of churches" (Radulphus Glaber, cited in Holt, a Documentary History of Art, , I, page 18).'

Coincidence, or did somebody do their homework? 'Cause frankly the churches in the art history book aren't white, strangely enough.

Now I know the quote is something like "a thousand years ago everyone thought the world was going to end. A few years later the world was covered in a row of white churches" to which Emma replies "that's no answer. What does that even mean?" Can anyone supply me with the whole quote, I know there's something like "the world was supposed to end but it didn't. Maybe someone saw a different future," and spans their talking and the woman and child getting on the plane, but I can't recall or find in my stores the whole thing. Thanks

- Nothing :xmas_ouro:


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i couldn't swear it wasn't just an incredibly realistic simulation. not just the scenery, my whole life.

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Here's a quick transcription of that bit of Exegesis:


Frank: A thousand years ago, everyone thought the end was near. And yet, a few years after the first millennium the world was covered by a robe of white churches.

Emma: So I guess everyone was wrong.

Frank: Well, maybe the end was near. But it didn’t happen. Maybe someone saw a different future.

Emma: That’s no answer. What’s that even mean?

(Cut to: Jordan playing on the stairs with the butterfly.)

Frank: (voice over) We can see the future in tantalising glimpses that vanish as quickly as they appear.

(Jordan stops at the bend in the stairs and looks down at Frank who turns to look up at her.)

Frank:  (voice over) A premonition.

(Jordan smiles and walks down the stairs to her father.)

Frank:  (voice over) Not what the future is, but that it is. Waiting for us.

(Jordan reaches Frank who has sat on the bottom stairs. She stands behind him, puts her hands round his neck and rests her head happily on top of his. Frank smiles.)

Frank:  (voice over) A reassuring thought.

(Jordan smiles. Frank caresses her (tiny) fingers.)

Frank:  (voice over) This sight's a burden for some.

(The circle-within-an-eye pendant is being lowered into a box.)

Frank:  (voice over) A duty. The clear view of something happening in this country that could never happen in this country.

(A white-haired woman at an airport.)

Frank:  (voice over) Of forces we believe could not gather here.

(The white-haired woman takes the hand of a young child.)

Frank:  (voice over) We sense the chaos. We worry.

(The woman and the child walk along an open, raised walkway.)

Frank:  (voice over) We wait.

(The woman and the child walk through a gateway.)

Frank:  (voice over) Who’s going to see a different future?

(Fade to black)


Hope this is of use.

Incidentally, I did hear Frank's words as "a robe of white churches" rather than "a row", which would tie in even better with the extract from your art history book.

I wonder if the "white garment of churches" is a reference to the white robe traditionally donned by those undergoing baptism?

I think someone's keeping track of this kind of reference in MM episodes. If so, this one's definitely a good one. As you say, someone at TenThirteen did their homework.



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While it may seem epic, most people did not view the year 1000 as the end of time. In fact, most people had no idea what year it was nor had the interest in it. During the time of the emperor Frederick II (who was thought to be the anti-christ), many believed that the end was near. The Mongols corresponded with a "pestilence from the east" and Frederick was the anti-christ from the sea since his kingdom was Sicily. Along with apocalyptic writings and preaching of Joachim of Fiore, everyone was pretty uptight. However, as we can so easily tell now, the end did not come.

As for the robe of white churches, white is generally the color of the Church, as it is considered to be the bride of Christ. It actually reminds me of the passage in Revelation about the woman clothed in the sun.

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--1 Peter 5:8

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