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Your favourite Millennium episodes

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My favorites are:

Season 1


Force majeure



The thin white line



Season 2

Sense and antisense

Beware of dog

The hand of St. Sebastian

The Mikado

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense



The Fourth Horseman

The time is now

Season 3

Skull and bones

Collateral damage

Bardo thodol


Borrowed time

The sound of snow

I don't want anyone to tell me if a character I play is a good or bad guy. Hopefully the actions of the character will define him without having to wear a white hat or a black hat. Bad and good things are done by all people in my experience. - Terry O`Quinn

Response to a question I asked on The Fuselage forum about whether or not he was told if Peter Watts was good or bad.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

season 1




the judge


season 2

beware of the dog

the time is now

midnight of the century

the curse of frank black


season 3


seven and one

the sound of snow

bardo thodol

goodbye to all that

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Guest byron lomax

Season One favourites:

The Judge - I love the whole concept of the story, and how it later ties in with Legion.

The Well-Worn Lock - disagree with some people who find it too preachy - the actual horror of child abuse is portrayed brilliantly, and the ending is genuinely moving.

The Thin White Line - simply one of the best serial killer episodes in the series.


Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions - these amazing episodes are probably the crowning achievement of Millennium.

Maranatha - very dark and disturbing; when I first saw it I was really shocked, because I had missed any supernatural-themed episodes previously, and when Yaponchik woke up in the ambulance car..... :helpme:

Season Two favourites:

Monster - another compelling, ambiguous story, and Lara's first appearance!

Jose Chung's Doomsday Defence - not as good as Chung's XF episode, but then again that's one of the best hours of TV ever made. Very funny and the series' best comedy episode by far.

Goodbye Charlie - like other posters here the ending left me pondering for weeks. I love the surrealism of the "suicide" scenes.

Luminary - a nice change of pace with wonderful music.

The Mikado - ties with Thin White Line as the best serial killer ep, thrilling from start to finish.

A Room With No View

Fourth Horseman/Time is Now

Season Three favourites:

Borrowed Time - a brilliant idea and another really compelling episode.

Antipas - not Lucy's best episode but Redmond's performance is still top-notch.

Seven and One

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury - good to see Lucy follow up on her promises to Frank from "Antipas". Great horror episode and best use of Jordan.

Collateral Damage

Of course I've been known to change my mind....

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The Pilot


Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions

The Judge

Force Majeure - (Brad Dourif is always awesome.)


The Mikado


Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'

The Fourth Horseman

The Time is Now


Borrowed Time

The Sound of Snow

Seven and One

Bardo Thodol

Via Dolorosa

Now, I feel a great urge to go watch some episodes! lol

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