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Many thanks to Mark Entwistle for the news that Fox's Peter Staddon has openly discussed the release of Millennium on DVD format during an interview with Home Theater Forum.

<michaelsliger> Any chance of a status update for the "Millennium: Season 1"

box set?  Is the rumored "late 2003" release date realistic?  Has any work

been started to prep the episodes yet (hopefully 16x9 widescreen if that

season was shot in that manner)?

<peterstaddon> That is another TV series I would love to see on DVD. The

first two seasons were outstanding. I think you will see season 1 in 2003

and depending on how that sells we will release subsequent seasons. If it

was filmed in 16x9 it will be released in 16x9!

You can read the complete Interview



:ouro: Graham.

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Fantastic site.  Though i had to register under Tharpdevenport cause semingly Justin Boggan, my name, had allready been taken, so to any posts you see made under the name Justin Boggan, that is not me.

And i allready knew MillenniuM season 1 was making it's way to DVD.  Original plans had it possibly released by the end of this year, but there must have been legal hold-ups.  

Think about it.  How else would MArk Snow have gotten ahold of his score to make the 3 season score promos?  They have to have remastered the score for DVD.

Oh there are few series that i want that were not on DVD, but now they all seem to have made these past years.

The Prisoner,


Just this month  RED DWARF

and now MillenniuM is comming.

Deleted scenes!   I would love to see those.

Outtakes.  Scenes where thye messed up or goofed off.  Just good humored stuff that is fun to watch.

Original story concepts.

And for the season 3 boxed set, Chris Carter explaining what the series would have done if it had continued for a fourth season.

Isolated score.

Origianl trailers.

Interviews with the cast on there thoughts of the show and what they would have wanted to see happen.

Seve7end1 (Did i spell it right 7?) doing the art work for it.

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Guest Second Coming

Here's a little tidbit I found on ign.com:


Would you happen to know whether or not 20th Century Fox is working on a DVD set for the Millennium TV series starrong Lance Henricksen?

Jeremy Responds: "Working on"? No. Considering? Yes. And if it does happen, the seasons will be in 16:9 widescreen since that's how the series was filmed.


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...what,me worry :p   to be honest,no i am not worried about that. if you are referring to the dvd-project then again the answer is no. i'd be as thrilled as anyone to see MM on dvd. we've already stated that if they release S1 we will no longer be actively seeking orders for S1. if it is requested then we'll do it but we'll not seel it out. and if all 3-seasons are release then it will be a good excuse to get our budding business of putting weddings to dvd more attention and advertising.  i don't think the DVD-PROJECT is going anywhere for the next few years in my view. if i had to guess i'd say the project is nearing it's halfway point-(already up to 19-mos[?])-and if fox only releases S1,which is likely unless S1 sells in a big way,then we'll happily and with pride keep doing what we are doing :unclesam:           .........as i posted on MOV if "FUX" releases  S1 in 16x9-anamorphic then i will be one happy mick :grin:   it would be a dream come true for this MM/home theater fanatic!                      ~ hehehe,

                                                      DAVE :ouro:

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Guest Second Coming
haha no Dave you said "..yeah if I'm not got sued first."  I was asking if you're worried about being sued by Fox for your dvd project you've got going. I wasn't talking about you being worried that there would be an official release and take away from your business.
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Guest Mikal C Johnson  KtCym ECA
While the widescreen thing sounds great, and extras would be very nice (I always say "very nice" in a Mr Bean voice :p ), I'd be happy with the full, uncut episodes in the correct order! :ouro:
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