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If this is proven to be true....

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Guest SouthernCelt

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It's not an excuse. It's a diease, which this person may......or may NOT have had. It's possible she was of sound mind, and if so, will get what is coming to her. However, an open-minded soul must also accept the fact that things are not always black & white.

That is all I have to say.

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Guest fledgling666

this person could not have been of sound mind and still commit the crime, post-partem depression or not. there is a syndrome for everything these days.

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Only a person of sound mind SHOULD be held accountable for their actions.

There is no sense hashing this out. Everyone has their own opinion. A discussion such as this will not solve anything, so let's end this one.

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Just heard about this story today. What in the world is going on. THis makes me so sick to my stomach

Video: Baby Found Inside Gas Oven At Orlando Apartment

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Putting Baby In Oven

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Police arrested a woman for allegedly putting her 11-month-old baby girl in the gas oven at her apartment along Kirkman Road in Orlando. According to police, the baby's uncle called 911 on Monday

Sharlyn Singh, 29, lived with her boyfriend, who is the father of the child, and the boyfriend's brother at the Metro Place Apartments in MetroWest, according to police. Singh and her boyfriend were having a dispute, police said, and the boyfriend was in the process of moving his belongings out of the apartment.

While the baby's father was downstairs moving, the baby's uncle told police, Singh left the apartment and he heard the baby crying, but couldn't find the child. According to the police report, the uncle asked Singh, who was standing next to the oven, where the baby was, but she left the apartment without answering. Police said the uncle then noticed the oven was on and found the baby inside.

Police said that, when they responded, they did find greasy marks from the inside of the oven on the baby.

Singh, according to the police report, fled the scene, but was located nearby and was taken into custody. The police report also indicated that the child's father said the mother had made threats against the child two or three previous times.

Singh was in the Orange County jail Tuesday afternoon, charged with first-degree aggravated child abuse.

The father, Eyewitness News has learned, is trying to get the baby girl back from the Department of Children and Families.

The baby is okay. In fact, there is some question as to whether the mother turned on the top burners of the oven or was actually heating the inside of the oven. Either way, police said, the child's first danger in that situation would have been suffocation.

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Guest Doll
this person could not have been of sound mind and still commit the crime, post-partem depression or not. there is a syndrome for everything these days.

Of course people can. Many people do many horrid things even though they know right from wrong @ the time they're committing the crime! Rapists have a confused or false perception involving sex & violence, that doesn't mean they don't know it's wrong to rape. Also, knowing right from wrong before / after the incident may not have any bearing on determining whether the person did have that capability right at the moment in question. Not empathizing or caring what others are being subjected to has no bearing w/not being of sound mind. There can be one, the other, or all.

Not understanding or not being capable of understanding a mental illness b/c of your own personal conscience isn't proof of the mental illness' non-existence. Have you, @ least, taken an abnormal psychology college class? If you have that means that you had to have taken general psych. Psychology is not about projecting onto the patient whether he is right or wrong. It's about helping them to realize the instances in question & helping to discover & educate them about the causational & consequential factors so that they can hopefully get past it, grow positively as a person, and thereby helping to prevent, reduce, and / or remedy the possibility of reoccurrence.

Mental illness was most probably cited as demonic possession in the past. People who were tortured & killed in the Salem witch trials were the unknowing patsies of hallucinations & paranoia brought on by a fungus in the rye that was used to make bread. We as a population are far more educated than we were in past centuries. Just b/c the prevalence of certain crimes / mental illnesses weren't as obvious or recorded in the 1800, 1700, or 1400's doesn't disprove their existence back then or in present day society. If they did happen in past cultures, at the same rate (in %'s respective to population), it may not have been recorded or recognized as we w/d recognize it today. If they truly didn't happen / rarely happened in the past, an increase can be a result of combinations relevant to: how society has evolved (new / different pressures & situations) & the vast increase of the population. We don't have the exact same stressors as we did 150, 250 & 400 yrs ago. I've, personally, never been schizophrenic / sociopathic - that doesn't prove that they are not legitimate mental conditions nor does my ability to comprehend being afflicted by it.

The faculties of the human mind do not conform to the limited concepts of any person on this earth; even PhD’s who've been in this field for years are constantly learning new aspects.

Post partum depression is a depression that is all too real. The rarer form which includes delusions has been sufficiently documented. [Granted someone on trial c/d just be using this defense to trick people.] The people who are probably more responsible, in cases of babies / children being injured / killed by truly afflicted mothers, are the husbands, boyfriends, & any other person living w/them b/c a great majority of the time - the person in question is obviously symptomatic. (Perhaps even falling through the cracks of the health system is partially responsible.) These women are displaying significant changes in their mood & concepts of reality & are sometimes caught doing really wacky things. Out of the blue doing something like leaving large knives on the kitchen counters & on shelves/tables in several different rooms & saying that they might be needed screams, 'warning uncontrollable personal problems afoot.' A lot of delusional moms may have even verbally expressed the perception that the baby was evil or in such imminent danger from the actions of some stranger that the only way to resolve the situation was to kill them. They may believe that they are such horrible mothers that the baby's only hope is to die.

No one is condoning their actions - no one is saying it isn't an atrocity and that is not the purpose of identifying & diagnosing this or any other mental condition.

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