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Millennium at ebay. VCD's

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....LOL! i love how this seller put up a still of the 1-episode on VHS rather than any of the 67-VCD's! :rofl:

                                                              se7en :ouro:

Don't you mean the way the way the seller puts up a still from the XF episode "Millennium" and not from any of the actual eps of millennium?! :rofl::rofl:

The people bidding on this are fools since VCDs are relatively cheap to make and even the best VCDs have little problems with the picture that I have seen. To each their own because it is their money that they are spending.

Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Whilst the episodes are available on Usenet Newsgroups for download, many people don't feel confident in downloading them or lack the knowledge to do so - for them I suppose people who download and sell them are providing a service.

I think VCD's are just VHS quality when done right.

Graham :ouro:

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...in my view VCD in general is unwatchable. even the studio VCD are total crap. "sometimes" the picture can be decent but even studio VCDs-(WARNERS did official releases is asia)-can't take away the horrid motion artifacts everytime someone moves...........even slightly! :eyes: ...i'd much rather have even VHS than VCD. ...it does,or did,have it's place but as always,"buyer beware".

~se7en :ouro:

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