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everything looks great

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guys, the boards look outstanding.  excellent job.  will this take over the board on Brian's site?

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Hi Strich,

Many thanks thanks for your kind words and support.

They'll be slight changes over the coming moths perhaps and we will certainly take not of any suggestions etc.

To answer your other question which I'm sure will be asked a lot in the next few days, I'll quote a post I uploaded at Brian's Multitude of Voices Board this morning...


I would like to re-iterate Se7enand1's comments.

It was obviously that this question was going to present itself so thanks Calixar for asking...

I would also like to confirm that Brian, owner and creator of The Millennial Abyss and MofV was contacted before work commenced and he has taken an active role in creating an extension of The Millennial Abyss which you will see on TIWWA...

TIWWA was built by the Millennium Fans for Millennium Fans and has no intention of taking over or replacing anyone particular site or Message Board.

As Se7en states, TIWWA is representitive of the most active Millennium sites and is purely provided as a place for Millennium fans to visit whilst utilising the latest technologies for facilities and security...

We wanted to give something back to the Millennium Community and help continue the interest and support of Millennium's Fans.

I apologise if Brian's recent absence from MofV and no apparaent News Announcement have led to any confusion, perhaps Brian will comment further himself...

In the meanwhile may I add my Congratulations to Brian on his recent status as a Winner and his accomplishemnt in the Write a 52,000 word Novel in a Month competition which I read about in the Fourth Horseman Diaries...


Graham Smith.

The Old Man.



As you can there is no intention to replace this or any other Board. I'll continue to visit MofV just the same... :D


Graham.  :ouro:

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