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Bird Flu... Made me think of Marburg Virus

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Bardo Thodol

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I did have the flu jab last autumn. I know any flu jab doesn't give full protection because the flu virus mutates frequently, but it does give partial protection, which is important now I'm getting older. I regard vaccinations/immunisations as important for the more vulnerable, such as babies and infants, because they don't have a fully-formed immune system. And some childhood diseases can be deadly.

I've been taking vitamin C for a long time now, and I added a daily double dose of vitamin D several months ago. Vitamin D is involved in many systems within the body, including the immune system. I had been feeling very much better from shortly after starting to take vitamin D, but, now I think about, I started feeling a bit emotionally low a couple of weeks or so ago. Stress and depression are well known for having an effect on the immune system, so maybe that's why I got hit with this particular bug. And I feel unreasonably aggrieved by that, as I don't often get colds and so on.

(However, this past week has given me a bit of poke, in terms of what reality is like for others. If I'm ill, I don't have to deal with workplace issues, or childcare issues. I don't have any major healthcare issues, nor do I have to deal with long-term health problems. Yes, I'm unreasonably aggrieved by this bug, but I'm also unreasonably lucky that that's all I've got to complain about.)


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I find the grocery store to be the place where I pick up the flu if I catch it.   It's the one place I go often, and even though I wipe the cart handle and all with the alcohol wipes they offer, I have caught the flu  anyway;  I must add, when un-vaccinated..   As much attention as we pay to wiping down those carts, I think we forget that people cough and sneeze on the  cans, bottles, jars, produce,  shelves, at the register, on the plastic containers and bags, everywhere.  


I get teh vaccine. I have forgotten a couple of times and paid dearly.  I also take a multivitamin and a prescription vitamin D . I live in Florida, the Sunshine state, and I get sun on my face arms, etc...  but my D levels are always precariously low. It happens often.  They blame sunscreen but I don't use sunscreen. Weird!

I hope you get better Libby.  You may have a strain that the jab didn't cover, but a lesser form because the vaccine does inhibit the virus somewhat. That's good at least!

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