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Guest ZeusFaber

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Guest ZeusFaber
It is to be hoped that I can be forgiven for discussing these episodes out of synch. I read them depending on mood in much the same as I view Millennium episodes so I hope you will forgive me for doing everything out of order?

Are you kidding? I'm so thrilled to be reading your analyses, you could do them in reverse order and it would make no difference.

I was somewhat dismayed with the characterization of Locke in this episode. It is essentially his show and yet he loses all the idiosyncrasies that make Locke a pleasure to read, too much of his prose is standard official rhetoric without the colorful embellishments that make him endearing. Much is alluded to that this case is a personal crusade yet little of the truth of the character is granted us

That's a fair point, and was probably symptomatic of us wanting to hold back and drop a few hints for what was going to be revealed about Locke's character background in the following episode, "Golgotha".

Locke has been a constant revelation to me in this series, a character truly deserving of the moniker of Millennium. This episode felt like he was finally coming home.

That's good to hear. I think, of the comments and reviews of the season overall, little attention has been paid to Brad Locke one way or another, so it's somewhat refreshing to see someone care about him.

My only lament is that Angelo has chosen to write no more. A season with this degree of creativity would surely be welcomed.

There is always episode 9, "Parturition", which was also scripted by Angelo.

Another fine deconstruction here, ethsnafu. Thank you again for reading and continuing to offer your insights. They are much appreciated. Long may they continue.

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Guest AngeloShrine
It is to be hoped that I can be forgiven for discussing these episodes out of synch.

I just hope I can be forgiven for waiting so long to reply to your review!

I absolutely disagree with Wavecrest on this one and found Ondrædan Ende to be an absolute pleasure.

Always good to hear!

Merge 'Witness' with 'Dværgen' and the X-Files' 'Home' and Ondrædan Ende supplies visions of foul harpies in heavily daubed make-up and lacquered wigs who expose copious amounts of adipose laden cleavage. I have to commend the writer on exploring such a difficult topic and rendering it acceptable, the sexual scenes are traumatic yet not indulgent and the true horror is not in them but in the salacious awareness of the Mother and her partner.

"Home" was definitely an inspiration, and I liken "Ondraedan Ende" to be Millennium's version of the X-Files classic. The idea was to originally have both women be blind, but I realized that would be quite a feat for readers to believe, so I made Janice the strong, supportive nurse and had Mellie be the evil, putrid, blind, bed-bound woman calling the shots.

This script allows the reader to explore the inner imagery wonderfully, an essential component of any writing, and it evoked for me scenes of amber lighting, flaked paint, lavender perfume and the iron scent of blood, a truly macabre vision of mutilated motherly love.

Awesome descriptions! You almost make me want to go back and read the entire episode over again, with the lights down low, maybe a glass or two of wine in me, with some candles burning, to set the mood that you envisioned.

Mellie is such a powerful character that she steals the entire show.

I love me some strong guest characters.

I was somewhat dismayed with the characterization of Locke in this episode. It is essentially his show and yet he loses all the idiosyncrasies that make Locke a pleasure to read... I wanted to see him gorge on doughnuts, play his favorite music or know what after shave he wears. These subtle nods have given Angelo's scripts that touch of brilliance.

Unfortunately, I took Locke for granted in this episode -- something I didn't realize I was doing at the time. But by focusing almost exclusively on the Graunger family, Locke pretty much took a backseat for most of the episode.

The symbolism of [garland and cotton snow] is truly delicious and the greatest of horror flicks have always utilized this tool to signify utter defeat.

How awesome are these comments!

In certain scenes it does not go far enough for me but overall it is a stunning piece of work with some of the most well realised characters in fan-fiction.

Thanks, again. I can only say that I'm glad people are finally discovering this little virtual series, and I hope all these episodes survive long into the future.

My only lament is that Angelo has chosen to write no more.

A bit about my writing experiences. I wrote three episodes of Millennium VS5 ("Parturition," "Ondraedan Ende," and "Flew") and a co-write of Night Stalker ("House of Kolchak"). But mostly I keep busy writing and producing my own shows. If you liked "Parturition," you may also find yourself falling for my new series Shackles, coming Summer 08. I only plug it here because I'd love to get your opinions on that show when it premieres next year. Millennium is definitely an inspiration, as is Brimstone and Alias. But enough about me!

Thanks again :)

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Greetings Angelo!

Please! No apologies over trivialities like 'time'. It is such a comforting thing for me to have you reply to my rumblings at all. I am a great admirer of the work you, Zeus and others have created here and have found your penmanship to be inventive, variegated and surprisingly resonant of 'Morgan and Wong's' interlaced vision of visceral, rusty horror married to an allusion to all things kitsch that yield a subversive darkness.

I am thrilled to hear that yet more brilliance is to be served in the form of 'Shackles' and will imbibe it eagerly. I am truly looking forward to more of your work.

When I lamented your passing as an author it was selfishly aimed at your loss to the 'Millennium Community'. I would pay shiny pounds to have you write more for our mythos and, as good men do, you may think this is sanctimonious, shiftless praise but it is nothing more than a rewarded thank you for your efforts in expanding and enriching our corner of the omniverse.

I am not a writer, or even capable of such, and it is souls like you who should be trumpeted for giving the maddening crowd such things to feast on. Zeus has affirmed, as is his right, that the creative team of VS5 will pen no more and for those of us who devoured your work, ale a-plenty, nibbles prepared and it is a shame that such events will no more eventualize.

It would be provocative to imagine you weaving you mysticism within the framework of the expansiveness of Season Two. With the doors swung firmly open it would be exciting to see what you could author in an environment where philosophy, theology, alchemy and the hermetic arts are such a ripe vine for the picking. Understandably this complex and nebulous framework may not be your earl grey but I, for one, would love to see what you could produce if you paddled in it.

Ultimately, thank you for taking the time to respond to my gibber and more power to you my friend!


Edited by ethsnafu
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