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LanceHenriksen Magic found The Best of Millennium on iTunes on thier own by going to iTunes? Or did they come to this site and get the info? I know i'm flaming but it rubbed me wrong due to the article they wrote.

25 Jan 2004    Rumour has it (from Ain't it Cool News) that Peter Weller (Robocop) has joined the AvP cast in a cameo appearance as Weyland's billionaire industrialist partner (the Yutani half).  If this is true: what a partnership! Lance Henriksen and Peter Weller - the two best screen androids this side of the 21st century!  Check out what the Guardian has to say.

Also a Millennium soundtrack - The Best Of MillenniuM - by Mark Snow, has been published for download/purchase on the iTunes website. Apparently it is completely different than the Season 1 soundtrack that this site managed to get hold of.  It is a 'best of' compilation containing themes from various episodes of the show and includes one of our all time faves 'Midnight of the Century'.  It looks like you have to subscribe to iTunes before you can download anything.

Web Magic would like to qualify our recent news about the Millennium DVD release.  Firstly, what we do know we got from a very genuine source (who we'd rather not reveal - unlike some other sites on the net ... without our permission to print we might add!).  Our source recently conducted a 30 min interview with Lance for the DVD on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment, who seem to be planning to release a Millennium DVD. 
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