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Another "wild person" story, the future of redheads

Guest SouthernCelt

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Guest SouthernCelt
I thought the Vikings spread the red hair?

Yes, both red and blonde came from Scandinavian areas; however, the Vikings "conquered" a lot of the Scottish and Irish areas (especially the coastal areas) and intermingled genetically with the natives there, many of which were genetically connected to the European mainland areas such as modern-day Germany. Many of those, in turn, were genetically related to people from more eastern areas and were darker skinned and had either black or dark brown hair.

Although the ancient Celts are often depicted as fair and red-haired in movies and documentaries, that was almost certainly not the case. Only after the blonde and red recessive genes were introduced into the gene pool was there capability for there to be frequent mating of recessive gene carriers to produce the fairer, red-haired offspring.

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