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Lance and Beer

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Guest Faustus

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Guest Faustus

Well I just thought I would throw this out here and return to an old topic of mine. A few years back now in good old NZ Lance made an appearance on TV advertising "Flame" Beer. Now the beer marketed itself as being 'extremely brewed' so the ad featured Lance looking all sinister, dressed in black with black leather gloves, expounding the wonders of this beer. They had flames and ice in the background to tie in with the extremely brewed gimmick. There were three or four different variations with him saying different things. Probably the best moment had to be at the end of the ad Lance pushes a bottle of the beer towards the camera and say "Is that wrong?".

I was wondering if any one else in other countries got the ad? Maybe in Australia? Or maybe Lance came down for some quick cash. Does anyone else actually get the beer?

As for the beer itself, it's not too bad. It's 5.2 percent which is higher than normal. It's also usually on special for a good price, about 15-16 dollars NZ for a dozen. It's quite a light beer (a draft as opposed to a lager I think) which doesn't sit that well with me personally, but it's pretty drinkable (and cheap) and has been the staple of more than a few parties.

Thus I give it 3.5 Lances out of 5.

Here's the promotional blurb from the DB website if you interested:

"Extreme measures go into making this popular 5.2% alcohol beer. In fact the process used to make Flame is called 'extreme brewing'. Malt and hops are first subjected to extreme heat and then concentrated to retain the flavour. The process ends with the beer being 'crash cooled' to subzero temperatures resulting in a smoother, easy drinking, full strength beer.

Whether it's hot or cold outside, Flame is a favourite of those who appreciate a well-crafted unique beer."

Oh and here's the URL if you want to check out the logo: https://www.dbbreweries.co.nz/home/flame.html


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