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Do you have a Millennium, X-Files or Ten Thirteen related website?

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The Old Man

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Well Friends long forgotten.(Cept of course my Erin) if Old Man remembers LOL I'm back for a time and who knows? may for good depending on if I get inspired or not. As I lost most interest in the web for a year or so But have started a new re-kindle of sorts in a way of inspiration that might be of help to Erin in Getting things Spruced up in her MSN Group as she knows I'm somewhat of a webmaster in MSN and would be happy to offer up a hand or 2 to get it ready to her specifications LOL

Just Let me know if you are interested You have but only need to ask....

Walk in peace

Peace and blessings to all that seek...

"SHADOW_WALLKER"™ :notworthy:

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Hi! I hope it's not too late. :)

I run one of the biggest Russian sites dedicated to the Ten Thirteen shows and new projects by 1013's alumni.


There's actually an English section, but it has only "news" section in English (I just have no time to translate all stuff into English). Anyway, I try to update it everytime I can. :)


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Guest Sheree Dawn
I hope some day I'll open up a MLM related section ("Yellow House") with reviews and articles. When I have the strength.


So, now you have me. Have you been ill, or like so many of us with chronic conditions? Always here for a good shoulder/ear. Good luck with your sites.

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  • Elders (Admins)

We do have a dedicated LINKS section now and I have added (today) a section for X-Files websites.

Please feel free to post your website links in the Links section.

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