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"Whatever happened too........"

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Whatever happened to......

The little girl in "Empedocles"..... That 8th season episode in which an evil force jumped from the man who was a suspect in the death of Doggett's son to a man who mowed down his coworkers, and then went on a killing spree...(there was also a refference to "Georgia" in here), and ended up getting shot by Monica Reyas. The evil then jumped into "Jebs" sister, who attacked Monica, and was stopped by Agent Doggett. (I hope I didn't spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen it... :blush: )

Anyway...the sister, that John Doggett stops from killing Monica, is last seen lying in a hospital bed, in almost a catatonic state, and she has a little girl. There was no husband/father portrayed in the episode, and so this little girl's whole family was this uncle "Jeb", who is now dead, and her mother, who has seemingly been overtaken by that force of evil. (Others would say she had a nervous breakdown.), and if she ever recovers, will most likely have to face charges for assalting a federal officer. So....Whatever happened to that little girl...?

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Maybe she got whisked away to be re-educated by teh Millennium Group.


Be Seeing You,

David Blackwell

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Guest WaveCrest

All interesting questions asked. It's what TXF was great with doing, leaving episodes open-ended making you wonder about what could happen in future stories with the stories and characters explored. The line from Shapes is a good example. Revealtions was mentioned but it was another line said by Kevin the boy which is very indicative of what was to come in the show, that things would come 'full circle'.

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Guest Max Fenig

The only loose ends that ever concerned me were the ones that mattered to the mythology. I could live without another "Revelations" or "Shapes".

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I personally loved the way they let you wonder about the monsters and mysteries and very rarely came back to them. Bear in mind, too, when they did, the results were often weak.

Pusher for instance was one of the best ever episodes, but they brought him back and underused him in Kitsunegari. They didn't even make him the main villain. It weakened the character.

So, maybe it was best they left the truth out there. :bigsmile:

(I do like the idea of them bringing a great monster back for the movie, though.

What about Mrs Paddock, the freaky devil teacher from Die Hand Die Verletzt, the scariest EVER episode by a mile?. She's my favourite.) :mabiuswoz'ere:

So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given to them over the fourth of the Earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death... and by the beasts of the earth.



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