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Who was dead at Watt's desk?

Guest icubud

Who was dead at Watt's desk at the conclusion of the last episode?  

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Guest Forza

Watts, no question. Although he was my favorite character on the show (and I hated to see him go), it makes the series finale that much more poignant.

R.I.P. Peter!

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Guest fledgling666

it was absolutely peter watts, no doubt about it, and, contrary to popular belief, he killed himself. he sent his family away to be safe, but he couldn't go with them because everything in his life was torn apart at that moment. he had nothing but the Millennium Group. he felt he owed them beyond what he was capable of repaying, but he also feared them to the core. he felt he had to stay with them, but he knew that it was not going the direction he wanted it to go. his ideals were such that he couldn't have lived with himself if he ran. he literally had no way out. he committed suicide under the desk after sending his family to somewhere safe, or at least where he thought they'd be safe, or maybe, they were just not home yet- all school age children and a wife, but did she have a job? not sure. maybe it was still mid-afternoon, just before school let out. my, that would make a scene, wouldn't it?

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...oh,god no! Peter would never kill himself in my view. His beliefs/personality/character simply would not permit that as an option. No way. IMHO.

~se7en :ouro:

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Guest Seraphim

I agree. I don't think he'd kill himself either. If he is dead, then someone else killed him. I dobn't think anyone can say is definately dead either. People seem to forget that "Goodbye To All Of That" was supposed to be the season finale, not the series finale. They were planning on continuing it and only found out it was cancelled shortly before the season finale. The official fate of Peter Watts is honestly unknown. To say he is dead is speculatory, yet feasibly possible. To say he killed himself is wildly speculatory. It's rather presumptuous to claim that as proven and official fact.

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Guest fledgling666

occasionally in Millennium, they really do mean what they show. Catherine really went to the woods to die, Bletch really was hung from a ceiling joist and Peter commited suicide.

this is my opinion, of course, and in stating that, i used the word "absolutely" to illustrate my emphasis in my belief. i believe there is no other plausible, believable explanation. if it wasn't him, the story would get ridiculous. if it was and he was killed by someone in the group or someone else, there is a very fine line one would have to walk to keep the story good and in line with the series.

it is my opinion that the only thing that makes the story good is that he commited suicide.

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.........hey that's cool. Different opinions help make this board and the show great.

Right from the first time i viewed that ep, when it first aired, i just had zero doubt, and i don't think anyone else in the room did either, like with your belief of the opposite, that there was no way that was Watts lying on the floor.

With the exception of Katherine MM also had no problem killing off chracters, major or otherwise onscreen. in fact it was almost to be expected.

1)-Bletcher: we see him hanging from that nail with wire.

2)-Atkins: shown with a knife in his throat.

3)-(granted it's more of a 1013-recurring character, but: Jose chung: shown dead on the floor by his bed.

4)-Andrews: wee see her take a bullet point blank to her head.

5)- Baldwin: shown being murdered with a jagged piece of glass in his chest.

...and then in the very next ep all we see is a pair of legs on the floor with papers strewn around? In short there was no reason NOT to show Peter dead or, indeed, his actual killing, IMHO.-(and the last 2 of the "visual" killings were in S3.)

....so, really it's a combination of all these things to me, not just cos i loved his character, especially his soul-torn turn in S3.

... showing a Vague sort of scene like that is classic and common "1013"-speak for "something else happened here.". these and other facets of peter's character make simply too strong a case against him being dead for a lot of us.

...speaking for myself i don't think, at all, that him not being dead would provide story problems and inconsistencies. in fact i think the opposite is true in the world of 1013 and especially MM!

...as far as the suicide thing, it's still simply just too implausible for me to even consider, not that it really matters i suppose!-lol.


se7en :ouro:

Fledgling666: occasionally in Millennium, they really do mean what they show.

...I agree, but at no time did we ever see Watts dead. All we saw was a pair of legs dressed in black pants which many of the members, especially Mabius, wore.(??)

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Guest Wellington


A suicide would be a nice idea. After all, it does not often occur in a tv show, and even less to main recurring characters. Watts wanting to kill his inner demons, that would add to Se7en's hall of demise, and I think it would be in the spirit of MM.

However, if I were to kill myself, it would be sitting at my desk, not after having made a mess of it and next to it. Or even in the bathroom, easier to clean. Even best: I would not have done it at my family's home, or I would simply take some pills/poison. And I would try not to look too much like an intruder, after all, home is where I belong (slippers and pyjamas).

No, I think the body is not Watts. I would even dare to say that it may be an intruder, and that that quidam was not even killed by Watts. We might well have been on the verge of having another MM faction appear out of nowhere, full of good guys, trying to bring order to the institution. Then Frank and Watts would have joined and kicked some influent asses.

Yes, speculation... don't bother... :tongue:


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Guest fledgling666

going to re-watch it tonight.

although some interesting points have been made about the possibility that it wasn't Peter and/or a suicide, i still hold to that. some of the points are good, like, from what i remember, the pant definitely looked like the pants Mabius wore. Peter looked a little tall to be sitting up ander the desk, Mabius was shorter. Peter would likely not have killed himself at his own house because of his love for his family, but if he was in a suicidal state, who's to say he wasn't oblivious to that at that point?

like i said before, if ever the story is expanded upon, they better make it good if it's not Peter under the desk.

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My view is that once Watts betrayed The Group they sent sent Mabius (who had been shadowing Watts for the whole season) to kill him, so the body is either Watts or Mabius. I'd like to think that Watts was prepared for this therefore the body on the floor is Mabius.

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