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The Frenchman is alive...

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Guest Pencil Machine Operator


Sorry if someone has mentioned this already, but I was just watching

'The Beginning And The End', and spotted a familiar face - The

Frenchman (from the Pilot). He's not credited and I don't know the

Pilot actor's name anyway, so I'm kind of confused about whether it's

really him; His complexion is a little healthier and his posture a

little firmer, and it's a seriously minor role - the cop who tows

Frank's car at the beginning. But they have the same bone-structure,

intense eyes, big eyebrows... basically they look like the same guy,

and Morgan & Wong are well-known for their in-jokes.

Could someone help me? Is it the same guy?



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Guest chrisnu

The actor who played the Frenchman is Paul Dillon (thanks Abyss). An IMDb lookup didn't pull up anything for "The Beginning and the End", but it kinda looks like him.

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Guest WhiteWolf

Anybody else ever notice that The Frenchman is also the same actor who played the Irish assassin in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery? The one who tries to strangle Austin in the bathroom stall as Austin grunts and says "Who does Number Two work for?" And Tom Arnold is in the next stall trying to coach him through it?

Probably one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in film. Hard to believe the bad guys from MM's pilot episode was in on that.


EDIT: Actually, now that I look at it, the actor, Paul Dillon, has been in quite a few things and I didn't even know it.

His imdb page is HERE.

Found the video on YouTube. Here it is:

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Wow this is an old thread resurrected!

I don't think that the tow truck driver really is Paul Dillion...

...and didn't realize he was in Austin Powers! Though there is a Paul Dillion movie I can recommend:

Chicago Cab (1998)

An independent film starring Paul Dillion as a Chicago city cab driver on his 14 hour shift on a wintery day. It's a great character study of this cabbie, that comes off as being a bit crass and uninteresting...but you get to see how as the day goes on, him ferrying various passengers to their destinations (which includes cameos by John Cusack, Julianne Moore, John C. Reilly, Mike Ironside...and Gillian Anderson!), you see begin to see why the character is the way he is, all the troubles he encounters and madness of the world around him... it's a really well-done overlooked gem of indie films, a major highlight being the cameos and Paul Dillion's portrayal of his character.

see more info at IMDB:


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I thought you meant the actual tow truck driver, who was only seen for less than a second, but then I realized you meant the police officer. It does not look like they are the same actor, as the Frenchman's nose looks to be a bit shorter and pointier.

However, the guy at the airport who says "Would you like a copy of our literature?" is none other than the creepy Richard Green from Sacrament!

It took me ten years to see that one!


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