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Naming names

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Well, now that the VeriBerrie Bunny is finished and has had her debue with bringing in 108 kids in on her first day in 5 hours and getting Mentioned by the DM and the warm fuzzy that "Kath did this ON HER OWN and its VERY SUCESSFUL" bits been done, I am now in the process of working out the story that was started with all of the research that I did about the murders in the area.

But I need characters. the closest one that I could think of would be that there is a middleaged woman who has the care of her niece thrust on her . Shes not too into taking care of kids, not that thats part of it, or the mistakes that she would make- but that the kid has a habit of getting into things which leads the aunt to start finding out exactly what brings her niece home in hysterics. The aunts going to be pretty - erm- stern- straight laced, and the niece never wanted to go visit her because there was nothing to do, but she has no choice, and part of the exploring the kid does will uncover all the things that the aunt did when she was younger. Turns out , bit by bit the aunts pretty cool, just with work and no family to speak of she just boxed the fun up and put it in the garage.

what do you all think, or has it been done before?


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actually, its a good name for the other child in the story. The aunt has a co worker whos daughter and her niece are the same ages, and she instructs the niece to be a friend to the other little girl, - whos very over weight, and the other kids make fun of her, well for the niece, thats like the kiss of death for having any other friends, and she has a rebelious streak in her until her waunderings have her find things over the hill.. then the fun begins.

it may take a while to get together. Sometimes I have to go over conversations in my head, what sounds right, and wrong. Has the maiden stern aunt thing been done before? I am woefully unread on the latest & greatest prefering to stick to the stuff written in the 60s.


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