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Favourite Theme?

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Guest Pencil Machine Operator

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The wild and the innocent. Everytime I watch it, I miss whats going on visually. The music just takes over.

Yes...I agree! That entire episode was so artistic and emotional and thought-privoking. I may not totaly "miss what's going on visualy", but I am quite swept away by the music.

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I too am amazed how little discussion we have on Mark Snow. It's one of the reason I created this Category and these Forum's at This Is Who We Are.

I was also excited to discover Mark is composing the music for the new remake of The Twilight Zone featuring Forest Whittaker.

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Time Is Now "Action scene of BioHazard guys"

As in the X-Files cd , they always forget that one.


:arguin :devil01:


Don´t change the ideals, change the people

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I'm not a huge fan of his music, however I love some of the non musical elements of his scores: the organic washes of sound, rythmical patterns and cacophonous noises that help to create atmosphere. Although I did like his piano score in the final scene of "Goodbye to all that".

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Guest Frank L.

What comes to my mind right now is the music in

"The Thin White Line" when Frank and the other

policemen enter the building. It creates a lot of

suspense. I love it.


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