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.....one of the best series i have ever had the pleasure of wacthing was "cracker". the only way for us fans,or newbies, to see the show UNEDITED was if you had the trio-channel on direc-tv. well,for 1-1/2 years i've had "dish" satellite service. i just discovered,2-eps into the 1st season,that it is airing unedited/unrated on BBC-AMERICA channel at 3:00-p.m. tues./wed/thurs each week. -(odd time of the day to put a show like that on air,though on trio it aired at 1:00-p.m.!). i truly think this show was the precursor-(without knowing it)-to MM.  it aired for 3-seasons,from 93-96. unfortunately the brits have this strange thing for having VERY short seasons :angry:  i think there is a total of 34-episodes. it was hugely popular but after 3-series and 1-cracker tv-movie robbie coltrane had obviously had enough. of course coltrane has recently been on a hot streak lately with a role in 2-bond films,the harry potter movies and the brilliant "from hell" movie about jack the ripper.    ~trust me when i say this show is as powerful as it gets. it truly does have the intensity of MM sans any supernatural overtones. if you have a chance to see this i would recomend doing so VERY MUCH. for my part i'm archiving it to dvd.-(i never thought i would have the chance to see this wonderful show ever again and i'm not letting it go this time around!!!)

                                         ~DAVE :ouro:

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Yep! Cracker was an excellent show... Sometimes very graphic and dark...

Robbie Coltrane played an excellent part...

If you think it's like Millennium, you should see the Millennium rip off "Wire In The Blood" which has recently been screened on ITV. Staring Robson Greene it was very graphic indeed. He stared as a criminal profiler who was distrusted by the police except for a female DS in CID. The first episode was about a serial killer (I use that term loosely) who captured his victims and tortured them to death, one example being he constructed a razor-wire cone shape which he fitted to where the seat was on an old chair, then made his victim sit on it in agony...

Yikes, my balls rose an inch thinking about it! :eyes:

It was so like Millennium that you could guess more or less every bit of every profile...  I gave up watching it quickly..


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