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Millennium Collections

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Guest Anamnesis

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Guest Anamnesis

Below is a picture of my somewhat small Millennium Collection.  Items include: Complete series 1 VHS release, X-Files/Millennium Crossover VHS, Millennium Title Theme Sheet Music, Gehenna & The Frenchman Paperbacks, Unofficial Guide Volumes 1 & 2, B&W Photo of Frank & Catherine from Australian Media, X-Files Magazines feat. Millennium Articles, MM Postcard & Insert.


Just wondering what other peoples collections consist of and where the best places to search are?

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Guest LauraKrycek
I don't own much, MM-wise... of course, I also don't have any money (that's why I go to a college for people who can't afford college).  I have a copy of each of the paperbacks (there's an awesome used bookstore near my house that always has cheap copies of them, as well as a lot of XF books and videos, as well as all the soundtracks), and I went to a SciFi convention this June (my first -- it was amazing, and I was surprised how much some of it was just like they show it on TV; there were even guys who reminded me of TLG, as well as the comic book guy on the Simpsons) and I got a copy of the TV Guide with Lance on the cover.  I also own two copies of the US release Pilot\Gehenna video that I've gotten used.  And that's it... which is really more than I could have hoped for, finding all of it all of a sudden in the middle of a lot of completely different stuff.
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Guest Olivier.Laurent

What do I have?

-11 UK videotapes with the 22 episodes of season 1

-7 Belgium videotapes with 14 episodes of season 1

-The UK videotape of the crossover between XF and MM

-The French videotape of the crossover between XF and MM

-A MillenniuM agenda for the year 1998

-A Poster for a rental video

-The two unofficial books on MM in English

-The unofficial book on MM translated in French (in one volume)

-The two novelizations "The FrenchMan" and "Gehenna"

-Once again, the same books translated in French

-Two black and white pictures of Frank Black and Catherine

-Some nice trading cards that were inside the videotapes

-Two French letters from Fox France telling me that videotapes of MillenniuM will be out in rental

And that's it :)

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Guest Darwin's Eye

I don't have to much in merchandise.   :cry:

But, I do have the limited DVD set of Season 1 from Japan, which is nice.  Though, the set is missing two episodes, but, it's still nice to have.

I've also just acquired the first two novelization of the series as well.  One brand new, the other used.

That's about it.  

Darwin's Eye


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Guest Jordan'sDad

I'm a beginner - I have the Pilot episode on NTSC and two double episode tapes on PAL (which I got converted and were barely watchable)  I also have an audio book somewhere I bought on ebay when I was bored but now I think I'll download it into my ipod.  I have an autographed picture of Gillian ANdersen (I know it's stretching it), but I lost interest in it after I met her.  



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