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I have had an inexplicable—inexcusable? —fascination with Arthurian legends for... oh... a while... No thought or work went into this. It just oozed out.

Don’t ask what it means. I’m not entirely sure.


Standing about me

Ever watching

Guarding my misty dreams


Big Ben striking

Hailing midnight

Saying that all is well

Fog shroud

Clinging to this town

Sealing mysteries

Never, it seems, to be revealed


Thames slowly moving

Through the island

Like a great, silent snake


When will you return?

The Druids plague us again

Stealing our young

With their ways

Whence is Merlin

The Hawk

Who stood against

The Dark?

Morgain is come again

Wake, wake

From your sleeping

Bring us a sword and a king!


Hanging above me

Always seeing

Watching these clouded scenes


The Romans have gone

Leaving darkness

To go back to their fall


Binding all our lives

Evil mysteries

Not always to be sealed


Usk going onward

Past the castle

Legionis to shake


Will we see you come?

Darkness has fallen again

Devouring life

Ending day

Where is the Bard

Who sleeps

That sang light—


Moerdred is risen up


O Bard of Wise

The Sword of Power and a King!

excerpted from “The Strange and Often Disturbing Poetry of Mikal C Johnson” ©2001 The Peredur Trust Group

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Bring us a sword and a king!

Very nice, I liked that part the best.  We are all waiting for heroes to guide us.

I'm not well versed in the British myth, got lost on a few referrences.  But I really liked this work.  :)

Don't suppose you have any works that are associated directly with MM do you?  I'd love to read some.  

~Tim :ouro:


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I'm also a great fan of the Arthurian legend.  Last January, because I was cast in my college's production of "Camelot" (which rocked, I must say, despite a few really terrible things that happened during the show, such as our Lancelot falling off of a balcony b\c of a rickety railing after our 2nd performance and becoming paralyzed from the waist down and, after much tears, deciding to go on with the understudy), I had the opportunity to take an actual class focusing on the legend.  While I already knew quite a bit about it, it was very cool to be able to read all of these different texts and to be able to discuss it with other interested people in a scholarly way, analyzing not only the text, but the characters as well.  And, of course, I refused to sell my textbooks afterwards -- they're just too cool.   :yes:

Oh, and by the way, if you're interested in the legend, have you read Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" sequence?  I first read them years ago and they remain to be some of my favorite books.  Their closest competitors, coming in at a close second, are the Harry Potter books;  and it doesn't take a deep examination to see that their basic storylines are rather similar.

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Don't suppose you have any works that are associated directly with MM do you?  I'd love to read some.

I don't, no... and the well has been a little dry for the last few years, with the arrival of two kids, I just don't spend as much time sitting around in the dark as I used to.  :D

Maybe one day soon I'll get a chance to do that...


Laura, that's terrible about your Lancelot! I hope he's able to recover at least some... how ironic that the character who could ressurect a slain opponent should be the one so grievously wounded! If you get the chance to speak to him, tell him there are total strangers praying for him.

I haven't read the Cooper books, but I have seen them. They're actually on my list of "someday I'll get to those" books. I have a big library (about 4000 books), not including my "to be read" bookcase which, currently, has about 350 books on it (literally).

But, like I said... someday... ???

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Wow, that's a lot of books!  And I thought I had a large collection for just one person... you should start your own library, for goodness' sake.  But yeah, the Cooper ones are really good.  Of course, I first read them when I was the age of the characters, so it was cool for me in that way too.

Lancelot is doing quite a bit better, but they say that the paralysis is probably permanent.  He's gotten a lot of his motor skills back, but he still has a lot of trouble gripping things.  After coming back to school this semester, he was actually able to graduate, but he just found out that MedicAid's been paying his $50\month too much, and when his insurance found out, they kicked him off, so he had to move back home.  He's a really good guy (despite being a total skirt-chaser, LOL), and I think things will be okay for him.  He hasn't changed a bit since it happened, except that he was 6'5", and I think he's maybe 4' tops in the chair.  But I'll definitely send him your sentiments next time I speak to him.  I'm sure he'll appreciate it.   :wink:

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