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Dutch Site: Season 2 And 3 On Dvd ?

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Guest Yaponchik

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Guest Yaponchik

To avoid any confusion (and anonimity), I am Sven Van Lommel :grin2:

I just mailed Brain from the Abyss, and I'll share this email because it might contain some additional info...


Yes it is exciting. Especially since Nancy Mulder told me (someone she knows at) the Netherlands division of Fox confirmed this news themselves (see also her site www.dvd-home.nl - click Millennium in the newslist --> see "bron" = "source" at the bottom of the news). That is, Fox would have confirmed the release date for the second season + the release period for the third season (beginning of 2005). She certainly hasn't been joking, as at the same time Fox gave her the Netherlands release date of the first season, and this date has meanwhile been confirmed independently at the Van Leest site (see headlines of the TIWWA).

I'm happy to pass on this news to the people that kept the hope for MillenniuM alive. Thanks !


"Brian A. Dixon" wrote:

Thank you so much for passing along this news. This certainly is exciting as this is the first mention to be found regarding the release of the show's second and third seasons. Hopefully, we'll be able to confirm this with Fox in the coming weeks. I'll certainly be posting this information at the Abyss.

--Brian A. Dixonfourthhorseman.com

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Hi Yaponchik,

You sent me the info too but I didn't realise that you were he on TIWWA!

The list has been updated and actually includes dates for S2 and S3, however reliable they are I don't know.


Graham :ouro:

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Guest Yaponchik

Yes, I don't know either. I offered to review the upcoming set :smokin: , but she would already be doing that :bigsmile:

I don't know how involved she is, typing "Lance Hendriksen", and stating (in the news-flash) nothing is known about the DVD-boxes as yet, while portraying its upcoming cover art next to the message... The links to here and the abyss were copy pasted from my emails (one with http in front, the other not)... I'm afraid people go to great lengths to get free review sets. But that was my really critical and pessimistic side speaking :cry::cry:

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