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Blood Red Moon

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Guest Omega

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Guest Omega

Once in A Red Moon Treat for Sky Watchers

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon blood-red over Britain tomorrow night, according to the Royal Astronomical Society.

When the full moon rises over the UK, the total lunar eclipse will already be under way.

The sky will be bright when the moon first rises as the sun does not set until a few minutes later.

But as the sky darkens, a dim reddish-brown moon should be visible – clouds permitting – climbing slowly above the south east horizon.

The total eclipse will begin at 8.52pm and end at 10.08pm.

Dr Jacqueline Mitton, of the Royal Astronomical Society, said: “If the weather is kind to us, this could be a very interesting sight, with the eclipsed moon becoming more and more obvious as the sky gradually darkens after sunset and the moon gets higher in the sky.”

She added: “Lunar eclipses are a fascinating and beautiful phenomenon, and no two are quite alike.

“But they are of no real scientific importance in astronomical research.”

Lunar eclipses can only occur at full moon. They happen when the sun, Earth and moon are in a near-perfect line in space and the moon travels through the long cone-shaped shadow the Earth casts in space.

The moon does not become invisible during an eclipse, but appears a dark colour – usually a shade of brown, coppery-red or orange. This is because the Earth’s shadow is not completely black.

The atmosphere diverts some sunlight, most of it red light, into the shadow. That makes the shadow lighter round its edge than in the middle.

The colour the moon takes on varies from one eclipse to another, according to how much dust there happens to be in the atmosphere.


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Guest kath

I saw one last year before my dad died, and there were northern lights as well the week before that- and what was really odd was that I looked up in the sky and it was green and clear and I thought Oh, northern lights, and then thought, Na. were too far south, but I saw a lady that I know and she said "did you see the northern lights the other night ???" and I said yes, and she told me about the eclipse I was able to get some rather cool photos of it before I got too cold, ran out of film and went inside. the trick is, use a tripod, and a long shutter setting- failing that, throw 800 asa into the camera, but put masking tape over the dx code and the camera will defalt to 100 asa 24 iso, and give you a longer exposure time. don't expect more than a dot on the film unless you have a huge honkin lens, or know someone in a lab who is willing to play with the enlarger for your image.

set the focus on infinity, then pull back half a twist. the moon moves so always check the focus for it. ( or is it the earth is moving- I cant remember which...)


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Guest Pencil Machine Operator

Has anyone heard the story about the time the moon turned red in... somewhere in Africa, I think.

aparrantly, the military took it to be a prophesy of danger, and just started slaughtering people. I know that sounds like crap... can someone back me up?

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Guest Seraphim

I did see a red moon once myself. It was a long time ago though. It would be interesting to see another, though.

"Red moon, red moon...

Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...

Shining brightly in the night sky,

waiting for the souls...

Who will be born again tonight?

Who will be born again tonight?

Be born again tonight?"

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Guest Seraphim
That was lovely, Seraphim!

Hey, we've gotta *Black Hole Sun* comming this week...When Venus (I think) passes over the face of the sun!  Monday the 8th, I think. :smokin:

hehe, thanks Raven! Though, I cannot take the credit, alas. It's a quote from something. To be specific, it's from a video game called Disgaea. Info can be found here: https://www.atlus.com/dis/

Yes, I believe June 8 is indeed the day that "Transit of Venus" occurs.

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