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Guest MillenniumIsBliss
Give a listen


Tori Amos

Wow, where did you find that? That was sensational!! I liked a few songs by Tori from Under the Pink, but it was actually her live release of the song "Silent All These Years" that really hooked me on her. I bought the cassette single the same night I first heard it, but it also prompted me to buy Little Earthquakes, which still probably holds the distinction of being my all time favorite album vocally, lyrically and musically. Strangely enough, "Silent" turned out not even to be my favorite song on that album, which I had not heard any of previously. To me, Tori has been a tad inconsistent, or maybe she has just tried different things that haven't all appealed to me as much. However, just when I thought she peaked with Under the Pink and would never make my all time favorite album list again, she did with "Scarlet's Walk". Then the Beekeeper and Doll Posse were right back to being very good but not great. Don't get me wrong, she has never released anything bad, but Earthquakes, Scarlet's Walk and Under The Pink are all in a league of their own. She has also released some great singles and done some great covers.

Anyway, back to Total Eclipse of the Heart. Tori's cover was great, but Bonnie Tyler still owns it, and I haven't heard anyone do it as well as she did. There was a up tempo cover of the song by Nicki French a few years ago, but it wasn't nearly as good. From what I have read, Steinman has done some great writing that I didn't even know he did. He has a special knack for great, touching lyrics that go much further than simply rhyming and sounding good. It will be interesting to find out some of the other stuff he wrote.

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Guest ein042

I agree it's Tyler's song. You can find a lot about Steinman and Tyler on his website Nocturnal Pleasures Including interviews, lyrics etc.

I had so much of that music on my old computer which died that I went out and got an external drive, I'm still trying to rebuild stuff I lost. There's an interview with Tyler & Jim somewhere talking about her throat surgery and how she struggled with her voice and how Steinman was so moved by her performance he called it heroic and you have to admit it's the pure emotion that comes through rather than a simply beautiful sound.

I got that cover by Tori on iTunes , it's a bootleg from a live performance but theres an album with it


Yeah people described her cover as mesmerising. The iTunes version is much better quality.

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I liked the character Boone from the first season of 'Earth, TFC' When he left I kind'a lost interest in it.

As for Terry. He's amassed a huge amount of work in his career but I don't know of anything that had the impact of Peter Watts character, at least for me.

Yeah, he used the words "When the show was Killed" as opposed to when the show ended. Sounds a bit remorseful to me.

What about John Locke?

I don't know if he is the absolute best character Terry has played but he's certainly one of the best. (Peter Watts is too.) Locke is also one of the characters that he most enjoyed/enjoys playing. (That was answered in the response I have a quote from in my sig. He also said he enjoyed playing Peter Watts.)

That phraseology does sound kind of remorseful. (Or maybe he just didn't like that a good show he was on got the axe too soon.)

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BEER----> The big question is 'When will John Locke return'?


I don't know how much of this season of Lost you've seen but

Locke has come back to life on the island. That was shown in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". When we'll see him in an episode again, I'm not sure. (I do know he is supposed to be in some more episodes this season though.)

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Peter Watts is still very much alive. I heard he was in some plane wreck and stranded on a mysterious island.

I'm actually working on a Lost/Millennium crossover fanfic like that. I'll have to post it once I get some more written and edit the part I have. (I started it a couple years ago and some parts don't really work now that I've seen more of Lost.)

BEER---> Hehe. I understand, just playing around. Terry's great, liked him best as a stepfather.


I liked the Stepfather movies too.

He was great as Jerry Blake. (I still can't believe they're remaking "The Stepfather". It just won't be the same.)

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