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Disgusting Rape Torture in West Virginia

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The past punishment for these individuals, who have a long list of violent criminal backgrounds doesn't seem to have affected their behavior in this situation.

These people are chronic offenders and unfortunately forces are gathering to pursue this as a hate crime. Which on the surface looks political to me. There IS no federal statute that makes hating someone a crime. The charges would amount to roughly 10 years. Stiffer penalties could be achieved in the state courts but looking at the record so far, you wonder if it's enough.

Unfortunately, as you said, past punishment hasn't helped these people at all. Studies seem to indicate that people with sexual predatory tendencies don't respond well to treatment. The recidivism rate is very high amongst people with this problem. They need to be removed from society permanently.

Last I had heard, the evidence against them was so solid that the hate crime angle didn't have to be pursued to make any charges stick? What changed?

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Theres been no comment from authorities. A meeting was supposed to be held Saturday between church leaders and the NAACP.

It may be that they concur with officials on keeping it in the State court.

I guess it was only natural due to the horrible abuse that the organization would get involved, but since she knew her captors and there's evidence of her continuing the relationship, it would be hard to try as if she were targeted merely for her race. Plus the fact that these people have killed members of their own family.

So theres been no decision yet.

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If you sexually abuse someone and then hang them it is a crime. Saying that it is more of a crime because of the "reason" the sicko did it doesn't make sense to me. Any "reason" to do this crime is unreasonable and inexcusable. If it was done for power over another human, if it was done because of a hatred of women, if it was done to self gratify sexual perversion, if was done because of race, if it was done because of impaired judgment due to drug abuse, if was done because this is what Mommy did to me when I was 7 years old, if it was done to protest Bush's war...... it doesn't matter it's still a crime and should be punished the same. I hate crime, and I don't get hate crime. Do we punish actions or thoughts?

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I don't have a problem with prosecuting hate crimes. But this seemed like a HUMAN rights violation, and judging from past convictions justice will be more likely if lightning strikes the facility housing these people.

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