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Millennium Ouroboros Screensaver

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File Name: Millennium Ouroboros Screensaver

File Submitter: The Old Man

File Submitted: 17 Sep 2007

File Updated: 30 Sep 2007

File Category: Millennium Screen Savers

This Millennium Screensaver was the first originally produced for Millennium Desktop UK (the previous carnation of this website). Designed using Flash, the 'Millennium Ouroboros Screensaver' features Frank Black's classic Millennium Group Computer Network Log-In Screen but with an anti-clockwise rotating Ouroboros which fades away to show the various text. The countdown is static in this version. I hope to produce a new version with adjustable countdown.

Installation: Extract zipped file from archive and double click Setup.exe to install.

Requirements: Suitable for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/XP. (Currently un-tested on Windows Vista.)

Version History:

  • v1.10 Speed increased slightly. Slight graphical improvements and sound no longer muted (which prevented Music CD's from playing in background).
  • v1.0 Original version.

Click here to download this file

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with the days left on the version I put on my computer it leads to sometime in 2011... what's all that about?

Hi Peas and Corn,

Whilst not 'technically' the date of an 'Apocalypse' it refers to the Mayan Calendar. I simply could not do justice to a topic here that some consider the 'greatest mystery of all time' and will not sully the work of those who have tried by doing so but if you have a free week to spare a hefty amount of Google work will enlighten you as to the mysteries of the calendar that ends in 2011.

The Old Man is a very clever soul my friend, nothing is by accident (God I sound like Peter Watts...)

Best wishes,


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Guest Sheree Dawn

thanks for the file; I love it!!

I have an ouroborous tattoo at the base of my neck; it took a long time to find a really clear image of it to use.

I laughed at one guy's interpretation of the meaning of the ouroborous. I thought it was just an obscure one, but found no reference to it online or else where. Went back to some mayan thing (he said) about how the serpent caused hisself great pain by biting his own tail and the only way to escape the pain is to quit biting your tail.

He came off all self rightous and such, and people like that piss me off. It was like he was telling ME what it meant and that I would be so shallow as to put something so significant on my skin without knowing anything about it.

I was slightly smug, myself, in my response to the lady whom happened to be standing next to me. I just smiled and replied that it was a symbol of death, rebirth, and immortality. And then proceeded to give the "scholar" behind me a f** you glare.

I was having a bad day.

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It doesn't allow me with XP to change anything, for example, put my name in place of Frank's. Is that possible with the screensaver? I know you can with the gadget.

It also didn't start up after 10 minutes, which is when I have it set to start. Maybe it's the operator. :whistling:

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