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Announcing Millennium - This is who we are (new parent website)

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Announcing Millennium - This is who we are

We are please to announce that the long awaited replacement website for Millennium Desktop UK, the parent site of the Millennium Message Board known as This is who we are (TIWWA) has now been launched and is available to all fans of Chris Carter's Millennium TV series. Our new website is called Millennium - This is who we are and can be found at www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net

Millennium Desktop UK will shortly be removed and any visitors automatically redirected to the new website, so please update your personal bookmarks and any website links that you may have.

With the assistance of some of our best forum members who have contributed trivia and information together with support from other Millennium websites such as Chrisnu's Millennium Stills, Wikipedia Contributors and The Millennial Abyss, we have created a fantastic new Millennium Episode and Credits Guide, an in-depth Millennium Music Guide packed with information, lyrics and song details and added 1000's of new pages of fact-filled Millennium goodness in the form of trivia, violence statistics and background reference listings.

For the Episode and Credits Guide, we have catalogued every cast, crew and character from Millennium, giving them their own detailed 'Millennium Group' profile which will be continually updated with additional images, trivia and information on a permanent basis. You'll also find some great new Millennium downloads for devices such as the Sony PSP with many more to come, as well as 67 all new Millennium episode-themed background collage wallpapers.

We recognise the importance of fan-based contributions, and several well known and respected Millennium fans who are members at TIWWA have kindly contributed content in the form of cast, character and crew profiles, episode reviews, episode related articles (which expand on the themes and references in each episode), biblical, background references and trivia to our new website. Don't miss the outstanding article on Frank's Gift by James 'ZeusFaber' Jordan and Vivi (Dontbesodark)'s episode violence statistics!

Millennium - This is who we are is a huge step forward and sets the benchmark standard for future Millennium fan websites. It has been designed from the ground up to be much more accessible for Millennium fans with disabilities, all links have title attributes and where necessary access keys are supported. Almost every page has also been coded in semantic XHTML to W3C web standards, using a combination of CSS styles sheets (no table layouts and font-tag bloated pages!), 2 mySQL databases, PHP and some of the latest AJAX powered enhancements (episode ratings, gallery lightbox slideshows etc) to make M-TIWWA the most exciting and fun to use website for Millennium fans to date.

As you may have noticed, the TIWWA Millennium Message Board forums have now been moved into their new home at Millennium - This is who we are. TIWWA's homepage at www.TIWWA.info has been updated. if you prefer to access the forums directly, the address has changed from https://millenniumdesktop.co.uk/tiwwa to https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa.

We have recently added a new component called the 'Download Manager' to TIWWA (see main menu bar) which houses all major file downloads, currently it contains screensavers with the rest of our downloads being available on the main website's download section. Subject to demand, we can allow Members to upload Millennium-themed downloads to share with fellow fans as in our existing Gallery.

Millennium - This is who we are features RSS syndicated news feeds with more to come. We have already imported them automatically into TIWWA, so you can discuss and comment on news articles and keep track of the latest Millennium downloads.

Over the next 24hrs, we will be performing final quality assurance checks on the new site and its intergration with TIWWA. We will also be purchasing a professional-level search engine for the new website and it will be available shortly.

Libby and myself have been working very hard in our spare time for the last few years, putting the site together and incorporating the best bits of MDUK into the new site. The journey from simple text credit listings to a powerful dynamic website solution based around the Episode and Credits Guide found us learning many new skills, improving our problem solving techniques and studying new programming languages like PHP which have all been an extra reward!

Finally, may we say a big thank you to all the contributor team members, who have helped contribute to such a great facility for fans to enjoy and share information about the Millennium series. Thank you all for your continued support, we really hope you love using the new website and we look forward eagerly to your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Graham and Libby

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Congratulations, Graham and Libby! The brilliance of the new site is beyond words. My sincerest admiration to you both, for all your hard work, talent and dedication. :rock2:

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Thanks for your kind words and all the contributions you made to the new site!

Its feels very strange having finally opened it up to everyone! We've got a great new platform now to add to, and we're not done yet!

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Apologies to anyone trying to access the sites during the last few hours, I've been looking at ways of redirecting visitors from the old site to the new one with my host. A normal .htaccess redirect won't work in this case.

In a perfect world, everyone who has a link to millenniumdesktop.co.uk on their website or in their bookmarks would update it to millennium-thisiswhoweare.net!

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OOOOOOOOOOk.............. Now I understand! I was afraid I'd somehow saved it wrong when I updated, when I tried to log in today.

Hey.... when I change the address on the Flash banner you made for this site on my little "RavenWolf" site, do I need to do any more than just clear out the old URL and put this .net one? I'm not sure how best to represent this site, as well as the new one you've just launched.

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Hi Erin,

The best way is to link to either or both sites depending upon your own choice:

This is who we are (TIWWA) - Millennium Message Board

https://TIWWA.info or https://www.TIWWA.info

Millennium - This is who we are

https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net or https://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net

As for any Flash Banner that links to TIWWA, they only need to be changed if they point to the old domain and folder path: millenniumdesktop.co.uk/tiwwa. If they point to https://www.TIWWA.info or simply https://TIWWA.info thats okay because that hasn't changed. By the way, the www is optional in web addresses, links will work with or without it in case you were unaware.

Hope this make sense. If you want to keep a Flash Banner I've made you, I'd have to check if I still have the source file (likely) and I'd change the link in it to the new domain.

This is why the Flash Banner on TIWWA's home page has been removed. I will be updating that page soon.



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