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10+ year old murder case in GA

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Ok.... Got an email from Tim. He said he was sorry, but he'd spelled the name wrong! It's not Mosley. It's Mosely!

And he gave me an address, so I can write to him. He's in Hardwick, GA.

Interesting little bit of info. Pam was shot to death. Sam also had a gun shot wound. No gun was found. No trail of blood from him leading anywhere. And yet they managed to convict him???

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Guest ein042

Well Mosely was the name on the death record. I was mostly going by Mos** cause there's so many variation's.

do you have any info on their ages?

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now that the internet is working again...... :clapping:

I've been up to my ears in mail from Sam, including copies of doccuments from the GBI (Georgia Beuro of Investigation), etc. (sorry for the misspelling, typing this quickly)

Here is an overview of the information I've gathered so far. (more to come upon further reading, and an interview with Sam, and other members of the family, etc)

Samuel Joseph Mosely

State of Georgia Case No. 96-CR-246W

(from GA. Education newspaper, by Christopher Davis)

July 2nd 1996. Pamela S. Mosely, 43, was shot in the head and her husband, Stephens County Board of Education candidate Samuel Joseph Mosely, 42 was wounded in the left leg. Mosely stated he & his wife were driving just outside Toccoa around 7 a.m. & saw a disabled car by the side of the road while they were checking n his campaign signs on the way to drop his wife off at the Stephens County Hospital where she worked as a registered nurse.

Mosely stated that a Hispanic man & a 10 or so year old child were standing by a small yellow car with its hood up & he stopped to assis. Mosely said the man leaned into the car & tried to grab Mrs. Mosely's purse, whereupon he (Sam) struggled with the man, who then pulled out a handgun. The gun went off twice, striking his wife in the head & Mr. Mosely in the left leg.

Mosely sped off, not realizing his wife had been hit for a few seconds. Mr. Mosely took his wife to Stephens Co. Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival from a single gunshot wound at appro. 7:30 a.m.

This incident occured just over the Stephens County line in Habersham County, on Black Mountain Road.

Murder weapon-

410, 7 1/2 - gauge Winchester birdshot.

Witnesses at Mosely's trial testified that he had purchased a pistol, which fires that kind of shell, from a Toccoa pawn shop on June 4th, 1996.

Authorities never recovered the fun, but found a box of the same type of shells at Mr. Mosely's home.

Blood spatters were found on the inside of the driver's side window, the one Mosely stated had been rolled down during the incident.



No motive was ever found for Sam murdering his wife. The couple had been happily married for years.

No gun powder was found on Sam's hand, but it was "claimed" by the prosecution that not all guns leave gun powder residue on the hands of those who fire them.

Several people who have tried to help Sam in the time since his arrest and conviction have turned up dead, of apparent suicides.

More on this later, as I go through material.

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Is there anyone here who can tell me if it's TRUE that not all guns leave gun powder residue on the hands of those who fire them, and if so, what guns these are?

BTW, if anyone here is interested in being a part of my Investigative Consulting group, please go to The Millennium Group & apply to join!

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Interesting things to note. "Sam", the man convicted for killing his wife, owned a SINGLE SHOT .410, which he alleges was stolen from his home while he was in the hospital, as the group of men who had him killed had gone to his house, and went through all his personal papers, stealing evidence that he was going to show, indicating they had been guilty of embezzlement. The kids let them in, thinking that their parents were dead. There are many witnesses to this fact.

Also, Sam alleges that the gun used to shoot his wife, and him, was a DOUBLE shot 410 shotgun/pistol, not a single shot "snake charmer". I have a copy of the testimony that the coroner stated the gunshot wound to the wife (Pam's) head showed that the gun was placed straight and firmly against her head, leaving a muzzle abrasion around the wound.....behind her left ear. There were no signs they 2 of them had struggled physically before she was shot.

The High Velocity Blood Splatter Impact was on the inside of the driver's door.

There's a lot more info to absorb.

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Is there anyone here who can tell me if it's TRUE that not all guns leave gun powder residue on the hands of those who fire them, and if so, what guns these are?

Hi Erin,

There is an Australian Science writer and scholar who wrote a short article on GSR, here is an excerpt.

The process of generating GSR begins in the barrel of the gun, when you pull the trigger, and the firing pin smashes into the primer at the blunt end of the bullet. The primer usually has three chemicals in it - the initiator which goes bang from the impact (lead styphnate), the fuel (antimony sulphide) and the oxidizer (barium nitrate). The primer then ignites the much bigger main charge of explosive. The main charge then turns into gas, which comes out of the back end of the cartridge, so pushing the lead bullet in the opposite direction. It's a simple and very dangerous application of Chemistry and Newton's Laws of Motion.

The very high temperatures and pressures turn the lead antimony and barium into a gas that condenses into tiny, invisible spheres. They range in size from 0.5 to 10 microns (a micron is a millionth of a metre, and a human hair is about 70 microns thick). Some of these tiny spheres are solid and can fall out of the air in just 90 seconds, while others are hollow and take up to eight minutes to land.

So the first problem with the GSR technique is that a shooter can fire a gun and immediately rush out of the room, so not getting any GSR on them. But an innocent bystander, coming to investigate the incident anywhere within the next eight minutes, could have lots of GSR landing on them.

The second problem is that of "cross contamination". GSR is like talcum powder, and is easily shaken or washed off the hands of the guilty party. In fact, sweat is enough to wash it off - so it moves around easily. GSR is found in most American police cars, police stations and investigation rooms. It's incredibly easy for an innocent person to brush up against a contaminated surface and transfer some GSR on to themselves.

Full article found here https://www.abc.net.au/science/k2/moments/s1878536.htm

So looks like it is not as reliable as one may think.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, Stuart.

It seems that the largest average # is sources I've found state that this is not a reliable way of determining guilt or innocence. IF this man is innocent, the evidence to support that must be somewhere else.

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