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Greetings one and all and happy presumptuous Halloween.

I guess it's kinda established that I am massive fan of this season and there is an indescribable itch in me to share this experience with others.

I'm writing this as a desperate plea to the enlightened souls that occupy this board as I feel somewhat alone in experiencing the joy of VS5. I am desperate to find someone willing to chew the cud with me. Millennium for me is five seasons long and each season deserves our attention and yet I wait patiently for others willing to dissect this body of work. Credit has to be given to the individuals who have created this. It is Frank's story, it is the Group's story and our attention must be drawn to the countless hours of work and professionalism the creators have spent enriching our universe. I cannot understand the lack of celebration, the lack of thanks or the lack of dissection. This is a wonderful body of work, it does nothing less than expand our universe and yet I feel like the only soul that is giving it its due. So I beg you, crack open the beers, stick the Halloween decorations up and experience VS5. This is a tremendous work and it needs to be appreciated. There is so much in here that should tantalise us, the episodes are truly worthy of the Millennium moniker and yet this section of the board is ignored. Please take the time to make a cup of coffee, settle down and watch new Millennium, it is a fantastic experience that we as Millenniumists should not ignore. This work is beyond fanfiction, it takes our genre, our show into the realm of a real, realised season and it has all the right to treated as such.

I'm checking day after day for some VS5 discussion.

It's time this board discussed.

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  • Elders (Admins)

You are so right! I'm trying my best to promote VS-5, as I've said numerous times around the walls of these forums its outstanding and I've only had the time so far to read the first few episodes. TIWWA has dedicated forums, an outstanding behind the scenes blog and you can also find a dedicated section in our new episode guide to promote it.

I'll be going back it soon and I hope others will too. Yes its a lot of reading, but even if you discipline yourself to reading an episode every week or fortnight, you will be rewarded. Extend the journeys of Frank Black one more time!

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Well I have something of a considered conclusion. Almost. There is something truly wonderful in sharing an experience with others, the unification of feeling the excitement of watching new episodes and chewing the cud a few days later. In the light of the demise of Millennium the best we can hope is that when we throw our thoughts to the board that others have seen the episode recently and more often than not this is not the case and our post becomes cadaverous. I wondered about the concept of a virtual book club. A meeting of minds who would start at the beginning, experience the episode and then come together to discuss their thoughts, probe the creators and generally relish in being involved in Frank's continual story. I am willing to coordinate such an endeavor if others are willing and feel sure that anyone who signs up would not only gain much pleasure from experiencing VS5 but would thoroughly enjoy the prospect of discussing something fresh and new and from one who has viewed this season multiple times I can assure you there is a great potential for the same reasoned and deep debate we offer the televised season.

For fifteen years Dr. Who fans were denied a continuation of their story and they fought and bled to continue its universe in prose, fanfaction, virtual seasons and so on and so forth. We have the opportunity to engage in the same creative passion that those fans experienced, enjoy our expanded universe and who knows, take it even further but the sheer brilliance of such things will not continue if we cannot give our time to appreciate the sheer effort that has been expanded on our behalf. We love Millennium and some of us love Millennium enough to burn the midnight oil in furthering our story. Do we not owe it them, to our passion and to our universe to give it its due and submerse ourselves in it.

If anyone is interested in a shared viewing of VS5 then please let me know. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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Guest ZeusFaber

I must say I am hugely appreciative of your enthusiasm for the season, eth, and for the ongoing support of our Old Man.

I don't think the problem is a lack of promotion, by any means. The Old Man has been great in creating a dedicated section of the new website, and in posting regular news updates when we were "on the air" back in January-June. We couldn't ask for more or better efforts on the advertising front (unlike the real show!). Ultimately, I just don't think many members scroll down to this section of the board. They're just not clicking in to read your pleas, let alone respond to them.

Despite that, I think your "book club" idea is a fantastic one. I'd welcome that with open arms, and would delight in seeing you and/or others start new threads and begin bantering about each and every episode, whether positive or negative. I also think that graphic you created is superb. Unfortunately, I think few members will ever come in and see it.

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