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Borrowed Time

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Guest Jim McLean

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If the subject weren't "taboo," believe me, I'd be asking for citations right about now. ;)
i dont speak of such things with vacuous animus. I could give you citation after citation that could very well be argued as "divine intervention"..Note the key word being "argued"..However,again, such references would be open for individual interpretation as to whether they were of a natural or supernatural nature, and with religion being an extremely volatile issue, its a subject that we as a group do our best from discussing except at the superficial level..

4th Horseman...

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I just finished 7 episodes in a row in Season 3 and it has really been improving my feeling about the season as a whole!

As to Borrowed Time, my take on it was that Sammiel was impressed by Frank's pleas and dialogues with him even though he didn't let on they were affecting him at all, and that he chose to sacrifice himself in order to not take away Jordan's borrowed time. I like the way that plays making a previously unsympathetic character the one who came through and saves lives.

I would say other theories are probably equally valid, though I don't go along with the "God was holding Jordan hostage so that Frank would say the right words" line of thinking. It could be much less heavy-handed than that. Either the angel or God realized Frank had born his share of suffering and they decided to cut him a break.

All in all an amazing episode...

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Guest RodimusBen

Glad to hear you are enjoying some of the S3 eps, Bill. This season gets a bad rap sometimes due to its weak beginning and other factors.

Borrowed Time is my favorite episode of Millennium. I think both Lance and Brittany give their most powerful performances in this episode.

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Guest Black's Babe

this was a tough one to watch, quite heartwrenching.

especially all the hospital scenes with Jordan, pooooooooooooor Frank.

the look on his face when lowering Jordan into the tub of ice broke my heart.

I'm glad Emma was there to support him.

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Guest quentin compson

This was certainly a gripping and emotionally engaging episode. I had been wondering where Jordan had disappeared to - after all, the death of Catherine should bring father and daughter closer together, but somehow, Jordan was strangely absent from the early episodes of the third season.

I wonder if they took the title from that John Lennon song of the same name, by the way.

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Guest Laurent.

Can't wait to read more of your reviews! Season 3 is about to get really good (IMO)!

Good point on Jordan's absence. I don't think Frank would constantly leave her with her grandparents after what happened in the season opener. It's just one more sign of the weird writing that plagued the beginning of this season.

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this was a tough one to watch, quite heartwrenching. especially all the hospital scenes with Jordan

As a mother, I totally agree, this episode is very heart-wrenching, and have experienced the helplessness and agony of a child in the hospital, and in my case, it was 2 of my kids when they were younger, and then my oldest last year after his death.

Lance's and Brittany's acting couldn't have been more perfect in portraying the heartache and fear. As difficult as this episode is to watch, it's still one of my favorites.

God doesn't hold anyone hostage, and I believe that in this episode, it was the heart plea from Frank that saved Jordan, through the sacrifice of the angel, or messenger. Who's spirit, I would believe, went back to the Father for further instructions. His flesh was simply flesh and temporary.

I heard it said once that, "Divine love is the willingness to deny one's own will for the sake of another." I believe this episode was a perfect example of divine love. And to me, the key word here and message to us all is, "willingness."

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:suspect: The angel in the first season can't be the same one in the third, Lance didn't know who he was and the name I think was spelled differently.
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I don't think it's implied they were the same entity is it? As far as I know it's a fairly common conceit in entertainment to name any angelic being whose motivations are a little murky "Samael" after the fallen angel of Judaic legend. I think it's simply an incredibly well used angelic name.

You're definitely right that both character's names were rendered differently.


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It would of been cool if it was the same one, there would of been some continuety. It seems that each seaon was like alternate worlds of Frank Black.

A little is taken in from each season but most details were lost. I personally feel that the show should had more Lucy Butler as the main villain, Peter as the sidekick and

the group remained as a consulting group trying to get rid of the evil forces that threaten earth.....

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