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Troubleshooting (before I shoot the computer)

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I had a report, several days ago, that Southern Celt was unable to start a new topic here. He then noted that the icon next to this forum was "grayed" and inactive. He asked me what had happened. I have PMed Graham about the problem, but have been trying to find out what's going on myself. Now, it seems that I can reply to all threads here, & by starting this thread, it is apparent that I can start them, too.

I hate to clutter up this section by posting this, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this ASAP.

So, can anyone else respond to this? Can anyone else start a thread of their own here? :helpme::aolhell::wha:

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Guest SouthernCelt

Just tried and it worked ... posting a new thread that is. Now I'll try adding the thread I originally tried to post.

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Great, Celt!

I don't know why the icons still look grayed, like this is a "Read Only" section. I've gone in and looked at it, and the settings are all in order.

Glad it's working for the time being! When this is resolved, I'll delete these posts, and the other thread you started, as you have requested.

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Seems to be fine. All settings are permissions are fine. The icon for your 'Rabit Hole' forum is greyed out because there are no new posts inside.

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