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Lamentation... Crossover spotting!

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Candidates & Elders,

This is the first time I noticed this.  I have never before heard anyone discuss this or point it out!  Though I am cautious to entertain the idea that I might have been the first to spot it... I have the admit the possibility is a little exciting!

Anyway, it is toward the beginning of Lamentation, which I was watching today.  During the scene when Frank is at Behavioral Sciences at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico.  He had just finished up the initial briefing in the situation/conference room and is going up the stairs.  As he is goin up the first flight/level of stair, 2 agents are coming down the right hand second flight of stairs.  The taller one is a male agent in a suit and tie, who is talking to the shorter female agent with redish hair cut above the shoulder.  Sound like anyone you have seen before?!  Even the way the converse, the body language, the gestures, the way the each carry themselves, and the way they are dressed... it is exactly like Skully and Mulder.  I put it is slow mo so I could see if it was actually Anderson and Duchovney or one of the stand ins.  I couldn't tell, but my guess is that they were stand ins.

They even emphasis them because just as Frank is about to pass them on the right hand flight of stairs, Peter yells to him from the ground floor below.  Then Frank turns around and walks back down the first flight of stairs, while at the same time the 2 agents are walking down the first flight of stair also.

Has anyone ever noticed this before?  I hate even have a bubble about this to be broken, because I doubt I am the first, when you consider the way hard core MLM and X-Fs fans are.  If you haven't noticed it take a look and tell us want you think.

Upbeat to the Max,


who is very psyched because his new computer is in hand.  Just hasn't had a chance to set it up yet!!!  Hopefully tmrw.  Have a holiday party to go to tonight.  Ciao.

Was wondering if anyone noticed this before

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Not to make you feel downbeat, but this has definitely been noted previously.  You are not the first to spot the "easter egg."  Nonetheless, I congratulate you on your sharp eyes.  

In fact, the apparent appearance of Mulder and Scully in the episode was the focus of great discussion when "Lamentation" first aired.  (You can imagine how exciting an apparent crossover was so early in the series.)  

The subject is addressed in the Frequently Asked section of the Millennium FAQ.  (Look for the question, "What is the connection between The X-Files and Millennium?")  The actors portraying these characters were not Duchovny and Anderson but, in fact, their stand-in doubles.  

It's a nice little tribute added to the episode.  It wasn't overdone, just a subtle hint that the characters occupied the very same fictional universe.  In fact, I find it a more enjoyable crossover than The X-Files episode "Millennium."

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......i have NEVER EVER noticed this. EVER :down:  sharp eyes indeed scott!!! -(you b*******! :love: )

                                                     ~DAVE :ouro:

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Guest trustno1

Well,I noticed that ,too.

When I first watched this episode i saw it.

But this are not Gillian and David,this are their stand-ins.

But I can`t remember where I read this. :oops:

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:p Thanks for pointing that out, Scott!  I hadn't noticed that before...

But I do remember there was one episode...I don't remember which one, and I don't have it on tape, :down: where  Frank is walking down a hall in an appartment building , and inside one of the appartments, I could here someone's tv.  You could clearly here that it was Scully talking.  I think I remember her saying "Mulder" at one point!

Am I crazy?  Can anyone tell me where this was?


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Guest Dixon

You're not crazy.  

This, too, is addressed in the crossover section of the Millennium FAQ.  The scene you're refering to takes place in the third season episode "Human Essence."  Emma Hollis is walking down the hallway of a run-down Vancouver apartment building and in one of the rooms she passes a tenant has the television turned up to a deafening volume.  We can hear Agent Scully's voice screaming through the walls, a bit of dialogue and highly recognizable soundtrack taken from The X-Files episode "Kill Switch."

This is certainly an amusing tidbit included by the producers, perhaps tossed in as a little nudge and a wink to indicate that we shouldn't take these fictional universes too seriously.  For that split second, The X-Files was "just a TV show" to the characters of the Millennium universe.

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Guest WaveCrest

:eyes: Wow. I've known about the Mulder and Scully sighting in S1 of Millennium and maybe that it was DD & GA's doubles appearing as them on the stairacse.

But I thought it was in the season cliffhanger "Paper Dove" and not "Lamentation".

The second one in "Human Essence" mentioned above is the first time I've heard of that. Interesting. I haven't seen much of S3 at all but I know about the plots of each episode.

It is a great thing seeing the XF and Millennium worlds cross one another.

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