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Seven and One

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Guest Jim McLean

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Guest Jim McLean
I really did love this episode, however, I really felt it was in need of a final act to set things aright.

I picked up on the brothers and it bothered me, most especially because in Midnight of the Century they almost make it seem as though Frank were an only child, even though we had met his brother in Sacrament. Now we had two brothers and I guess it was sort of a "reverse Chuck" from Happy Days (In Happy Days Chuck is Richie's older brother who was just dropped from the show and never mentioned a few seasons in.) In this case they were adding brothers rather than taking them away.

Based on this interview, it sounds his brother was left out because he wasn't relevant rather than any omission:

"We were thinking about Frank's visions, and we thought if one of his parents had visions, that would mean something, since his daughter Jordan has them," Maher added. "It's something that's passed from generation to generation. So we decided that his mother would have visions too, mainly because last year in `Sacrament,' the episode with Frank's brother, we got a very strong impression that Frank and his father weren't very close and that his father was very remote and very strict. We were wondering why that was. And Frank and his brother never talked about their mother. So we came up with the idea of Frank's mother dying when he was six years old, and he really didn't understand how deep his father's love was, so he blamed his father for letting her die alone. We also thought about the idea that Christmas is always supposed to be this perfect family holiday, but Frank's family has split up--he's without his wife and child. He really doesn't have a good relationship with his dad. It's sort of the Christmas that you end up with, rather than the Christmas that you really want." This time, Reindl noted, by reconciling with his father and enjoying with Catherine a Christmas pageant in which daughter Jordan appeared, Frank finally got the Christmas that he wanted."

Was there something in the episode that many reference/inference to at least one brother? I could of sworn I picked up on something last watch but I can't remember for the life of me what it was...

.. or if my mind is playing old tricks on me!

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Hi Jim,

Yeah you're right, there is. His Mother's obituary refers to her being survived by one son, Frank. The way fandom reconciled this is to suppose that Frank's brother died shortly before his mother leaving Frank the only son that survived her.

Best wishes,


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