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Question about S1 in general

Guest massofspikes

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Guest Jim McLean
Your keen insight helps me to better understand why Catherine was so cool to Lance; he wasn't bringing home the dough. It's my observation that women crave security. We all think Frank is a great guy. He's strong. A good father. A hard worker. Usually does the right thing. Fighting for justice and truth. But that's not enough for Catherine; she needs the big fat check.

Is that a genuine observation or a little tongue in cheek? While I can't pretend to have studied season one line by line, I never got the inference that Catherine had any financial insecurities, more concern of the dark places Frank went to make a living and fear of bringing that darkness back home with him and ultimately passing it on to the family - which inevitably happens later in the season - Frank's home is infected by the horror he strives to fight away. At the end of season one, that was a discomfort that Catherine was not happy to risk on her child, in season two, it became more about Frank's balancing act between fighting the evil to protect his family and enjoying the family he choses to protect - falling far more into the former category.

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree as I know you are well acquainted with the show - and I could be over-reading a glib statement (if so, I apologise in advance!) - but I didn't read what you suggest. Nor do I see it as a need in women singularly. Financial concerns inevitably hit hard with whoever isn't bringing in the money for a family - male or female.

With Catherine, her fear is for her husband's sanity and her family's security given the past problems. I don't see money being very high on her agenda.

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Guest Jim McLean
But in all good humor there are grains of truth.

Or more accurately, perspective.

That is, if perspective comes in grain form. ;)

Hope all is well 'Roo - been a while!

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I don't know how really to completely interpret Catherine's distance/coolness towards Frank, especially when it came to the work he was doing for the Group.

It wasn't about financial reasons- she was a CSW for crying outloud! That's enough money right there to make anyone comfortable for a period of time. We also don't know if the 'consulting' work Frank did send money his way, plus there is the money from when he retired from the FBI and what not. Granted, government jobs don't pay a lot, but the benefits tend to make up for it.

Then there's the damnable beeper that goes off at the most inopportune moments during the episodes. Saw enough glares and heard enough sighs coming from her to know she was definitely not thrilled with it. Catherine saw the Group becoming a major part of the family, and might have started to believe that she and Jordan were becoming a third wheel in the relationship. I think any woman who was married and their husband went running off at all hours doing secret things would get annoyed at some point.

Then when Jordan started showing Frank's abilities, I think Catherine became scared as a mother and needed Frank to help her get through something she didn't/couldn't/wouldn't understand. She feared that it would harm her daughter- would take away her innocence-, that it might lead to more issues along the road.

I don't know... Catherine was not one of my favorite characters in the series... Tad too demanding, sticking her nose into things that didn't need her two cents... Can you tell?



I am growing

And I am growing anxious

And I am growing weary

And I am growing closer

And I am growing up

And I am growing impatient

And I am growing leery

And I am growing wise

And I am growing less

And less

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Guest RodimusBen

I've read nearly all of this thread. It sounds to me like a number of people are trying to reconcile the fact that seasons 1 and 2 clearly had entirely different narrative directions, which should be plainly evident to everyone. It's unfortunate that there is a disparity between the two, because we'd all prefer a Millennium story that was more cohesive and unified. But that's not the reality. Like I've said in my blog, looking at Millennium is like looking at a fractured Grecian vase-- even though it is splintered and imperfect, it's still an amazing work of art.

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Well said. I found Catherine a believeable character. Look at it from her point of view. Her and her husband & daughter move all the way across the country to start a new life. A life without the stresses that brought about Frank's breakdown. No sooner do they get there and Frank's back at it big time. Not only consulting with local law enforcement but then the Millennium Group. Frank is a great guy but it seemed to me that everything that happened between he and Catherine was his fault. He brought it upon himself because he felt compelled to put his work before his family.

I know people like that, nice people, hard working people, loving parents but people who just shouldn't be married. Maybe Frank was one of those people. He loved the idea of the yellow house and the family but it wasn't his nature. He seems like a real loner who just happens to be married and have a family. Some people are incapable of leaving work at work or incapable of splitting time between family and work. One always gets more attention than the other.

Obviously Frank loved his family very much but felt his work was important enough to drive a wedge between them. Catherine felt differently and I can't really blame her. All she wanted was Frank, at peace and what she got was death, the Millennium Group, secrets & lies.

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