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Guest WaveCrest

Of the first four episodes Geshalt has been my favourite story. What started off as a standard conspiracy story turned into an involving piece.

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if you realy want to be scared, there really is a group like this that is "above" everything, it goes beyond the conspiricy theroys, and they are the button pushers in the world.

Money Talks...


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Guest WaveCrest

Something fictional like that what you said was discussed in regards to a storyline in 24 on a 24 board I post on.

I liked Ryan Frost in this story. He's become a good character.

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    • By The Old Man
      I discovered this archived article on the Virtual Fourth Season which readers may be interested in:
    • Guest WaveCrest
      By Guest WaveCrest
      I don't want to speak too soon as it could prove disappointing from where I've left it, but Shophetim is shaping up very nicely. Very interesting at the moment at the hospital.
    • Guest WaveCrest
      By Guest WaveCrest
      Blimey, that was an excellent first part! The cliffhanger was well told. My favourite story so far.
    • By Archer
      "Akuma Odori"
      September 17, 1999
      Written by Eric Davis

      I need some information to help me understand this episode? Was the group involved in this episode? Was the guy dressed in black Mabus?
      Please I require help from the experts out there?

      Archer ...AKA Ron B From Vancouver BC.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!
    • Guest Dan Owen
      By Guest Dan Owen
      Hi everyone!

      I was feeling nostalgic about VS4 today and did a little browsing on the internet. I was very pleased to see that all the episodes are still hosted by the excellent Millennial Abyss, and it was nice to read this forum and its nice comments. Has it really been 9 years since we did that crazy project? God. It's amazing to think so many people read, and continue to read, the VS4 episodes. I'm still very proud of what everyone achieved over those hectic 6 months, trying to give MM some kind of half-way decent closure after it was axed.

      Of course, I'd by lying if I said I'm 100% happy with VS4. I wasn't even back in '99. And 9 years writing experience since then means some of the episodes I wrote cause me slight embarassment. Not in a huge way, but pressures of time meant they were hammered out quite quickly on nothing but sheer enthusiasm. I was like a man possessed. To this day, there's no way I could knock out that many scripts in 6 months! Aaah, youth :) In an ideal world, I'd have had more time to focus and break-down the big two-parters I wrote (particularly the ending), and the internet has evolved to a point where actual webcam meetings with the writers would have solved a lot of issues!

      I'm still quite happy with Blood & Water and The First Prophet, though. And the others are entertaining, if you don't critique too much!

      Anyway, hopefully people still stop by this board and will read this. Maybe in another 9 years, like I proved today? :) To everyone who was involved in helping create VS4, the readers through the years, and MM fans in general -- thank you.

      -- Dan Owen

      P.S - I did debate doing a VS5 sometime in 2002 and regroup the team, but VS4's last scene was just too final. It's best to leave Frank and Jordan alone, I thought. Plus, my hand still shakes when I think about the workload. Oh, and it looks like some others guys have ploughed on with a fifth season now anyway... :)
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