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Announcing our latest Elders!

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The Old Man

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Dear TIWWA Members,

I would like to formerly announce the recent appointment and addition of two new members of staff to the Elder Moderator Team. If you are a regular visitor to This is who we are, you will likely recognise the respected contributions and enthusiastic approach of both Ethsnafu (Mark) from the UK and 4th Horseman (Mark) from the USA.

The two Marks (!) have kindly accepted long overdue invitations to join our team of Staff at TIWWA. I'm sure they will continue to enjoy taking part in the great discussions we have on the Millennium tv series, its various aspects and elements and of course its cast and crew. Along with our existing team members, Ethsnafu and 4th Horseman will now also be able ensure the continued harmony and fun that our members bring to the board and the community as a whole on a daily basis.

My sincere thanks and congratulations to them both for accepting the roles of voluntary Elder Moderators and for helping TIWWA continue to grow from strength to strength as the largest, friendliest and most feature-laden Millennium on-line community. I will continue to review the levels and availability of Elder Moderators on the board and additional invitations may be sent out soon.



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Thanks to all for your 'congrats'!

I hope this doesn't seem too sentimental as my great failing is in my emotional outlet, but...

The endearing thing 'Elder' or otherwise, and truly it doesn't matter, is if you have spent a lifetime embroiled and absorbed in topics considered odd, doubtful or misunderstood and yet through 'Millennium' you find a place that welcomes and nurtures the philosophies you have fiercely cared for and gives you 'thumbs-up' for it you truly feel a sense of 'home'. To find friends is a gift and this board has given me many.

I'm not sure if Chris Carter knew what a powerful vehicle he created when he gave us 'Millennium' but I'm sure it is without doubt that we thank him, on so many levels, for all it has brought to our lives.

Big smiles,


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Guest Jim McLean

I have great respect for both Marks and thing both are perfect choices. Congrats to both of you. Deserved, most truly.

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