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Meaning Of Millennium Artwork?

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Guest Second Coming

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Guest Second Coming


I've never thought about this until now. But what are the two curved lines behind the ouroboruous logo? Do they stand for anything, or is just for the look?

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Guest Wellington


They make me think about the kind of "pictures" that one can take when atomic particles collide in a cyclotron, like the CERN. It would actually be the energetic trace of the particles when they collide and recombine. But I do not think that is the answer though... I wonder whether anyone has already tackled this issue... it rings a bell... or maybe it is the proximity in time of Easter... :snore:


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Guest kath

Oh OH I KNOW this one!!! at the top of the logo is what looks like a greek orthadox cross, then next to that is the celtic symbol for the trinity there are a number of signs for the planet, the radiation hazard symbob, the symble for time, and some mathmatical symbols. I had asked on the Fox board what they were, and the answer that I got was that they had found the symbols on a cd and thought they were cool, and poped them in. I have attatched the logo, but if it doesn't work, go to https://www.geocities.com/greatowls/Mil.gif to see it.


Note, for some reason the link didn't work and the image is crappy, I will make a web page and see if I can help the image along for you to see it.


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