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The 50 greatest TV shows of all time at Empire Online

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Empire magazine is currently conducting a survey to establish the 50 greatest TV shows of all time. You can list up to 5 shows for inclusion and the results will be published later this month. We won't suggest what to vote for but you find the poll at EmpireOnline.com.

Thanks to 'Reptileboy' for the heads up!

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Did anyone vote in this,

I voted for Millennium a *ahem* few times though somewhat unsurprisingly it didn't make the final list. The X-Files on the other hand did extremely well coming in at number nine and I'm pleased as punch that Lost got an entry at number five.

I know it had its fans and I'm sure there are many here but Buffy at number two? Gosh, didn't expect that.



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Hey did you know they made TV shows in black and white too? This list is loaded with shows from the last three years. It's pretty invalid to me. What is Empire Online anyway? Here is TV guide's list.


roo...got to agree with you...Wow...Star Trek ranked #43? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? AND Monty Python at #39??? All the while Buffy is rated #2??? This is heresy....Eth/roo, what is wrong with this picture??

4th Horseman

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I couldn't agree with you more 4th.

Monty Python is mentioned in such reverential terms as it largely defined Cult TV for its generation. My Mother and Father, being almost cultish devotees, often speak of how the Public Houses would empty en masse as drinkers hurried to the Fish and Chip Shop to get their supper to enjoy whilst watching Python. My Father recalls how people would recant huge portions of dialogue to each other the following day long before shows like 'Little Britain' where deified for having the same effect. Most, I would dare to say all, the Cult comedic offerings these days such as 'The Mighty Boosh' and 'Little Britain' are wowing the younger generations with little more than the Python format with a fresh face and legions of comedians name it as the quintessential turning point in the formation of modern comedy and cult television.

Here, at least, Buffy barely dented the ratings though Cult media seized on its apparent success with gusto. I remember a slew of protests by SFX Magazine readers back in the day that lambasted the editors for such positive and heavy coverage of Buffy when it was slowly sliding down the rating's ladder and being shoved into graveyard slots on low ratings channel BBC2. Whilst I concur it had its fans and fervent ones at that it surely didn't shape the Cult TV stratosphere in the same way X-Files and Python did - two shows that have continued to inform and inspire the way all comedy and sci-fi shows are made since their respective debuts.

Buffy will be largely forgotten in the next decade in my opinion whilst Monty Python will continue to warrant the attention, devotion and praise it has continuously generated in the fifty years since its debut.

Long live the Pythons,


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