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What Are Your Top 5 Episodes

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Guest EzekielWatts

Pretty hard to decide...lets go with:

- Skull and Bones - love the story and I almost always enjoy an episode that takes a deeper look at the group

- Bardo Thodol - for mostly the same reasons I like Skull and Bones so much; more mystery surrounding the group

- Via Dolorosa/Goodbye to All That - I'm lumping it together since it is one story; just about every bit as exciting as the season finale for season 2. The intensity rarely lets up.

- Collateral Damage - Stories that tie Frank and Peter's characters together are always intriguing

- Borrowed Time - Intense drama, quality stuff

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Guest paranoid eyes

1. Via Dolorasa/ Good bye to All That

2. Seven plus One

3. Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

4. Borrowed Time

5. Through a Glass, Darkly

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1. Seven and One

2. TEOTWAWKI (I seem to stand alone on this one!)

3. The Innocents/Exogesis

4. Good-bye To All That

5. A 3-way tie between the creepiness of Skull and Bones, intensity of Collateral Damage (minus the ending), and the emotional intensity of The Sound Of Snow

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Guest RodimusBen
2. TEOTWAWKI (I seem to stand alone on this one!)

You're not totally alone. It wouldn't make my top five, but I think it's an overlooked episode. It's a lot more appreciable if you remember that time period in American society. TEOTWAWKI combined two very current phenomena of the time-- school shootings and panic about the "Millennium Virus." For a show about the approaching year 2000, it's interesting that Millennium only had one episode devoted to that major cultural fear-- that all computer systems were going to fail at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000. I can understand why, since MM focuses more on the supernatural, but I think it's entirely appropriate to devote at least one episode to the subject. The rich guys in the episode were doing what a lot of people were doing at the time-- stockpiling food and water, buying guns and making a plan for survival if society fell into chaos. Man, you can't help but look back, shake your head and laugh now.

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I'm one of those whose five changes regularly. It depends what mood I'm in but when you are faced with any season of Millennium you have so many episodes that rank as fantastic television it's hard to narrow your selection down to five. I had a gander at my previous choices and based on my current preferences I would pick:

1) The Sound Of Snow

2) Seven And One

3) Bardo Thodol (which is a constant on every list I have ever written and I'm pretty much alone in adoring this episode I think)

4) Darwin's Eye

5) Via Dolorosa/ Goodbye To All That

I shall refer back to this in a few moths and see if it's changed at all.


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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

I wasn't a big fan of season 3 but my top 5 from that season would have to be

1. Antipas

2. Thirteen Years later

3. Omerta

4. Collateral Damage

5. Through a Glass Darkly

Laura :)

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Mark, I think you hit the nail on the head with me. Choices do change. I know every time I see an episode there's something in it I missed the last time, or appreciate more. Thanks for watching my back here.

Definitely The Sound of Snow and Borrowed Time. Loved Omerta and especially the music. That's 3. I'll go with The Innocents and Exegesis mainly because of my butterfly article. Wow, I did it, I picked 5. Yee ha. jumping.gif

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Nostalgia (disturbing, but after all, a lot of MM is)

Goodbye to All That (one of the best episodes out of any season)

Omerta (another great holiday episode)

Antipas (Lucy Butler, of course)

Collateral Damage (so relevant to today ((think Bradley Manning)) and I love the Coast to Coast cameo)

Honorable Mentions:

Through a Glass, Darkly

The Innocents (and) Exegesis - (for as much criticism those episodes endure, I find them very patient for being season openers and opener follow-ups, respectively. Intelligent writing, compelling story, patient pace.)

Sound of Snow (closure, Katherine appearance, visit to the formerly yellow house...everybody needed that).

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