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What Are Your Top 5 Episodes

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Guest naossano

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1. Luminary

2. Beware of the Dog

3. Owls

4. Roosters

5. Hand of St. Sebastian

6(because it's hard to do 3 without 4). A Single Blade of Grass

In the spirit of the ever-changing list, Somehow Satan and Sense and Antisense would have been on my "10 year old top 5 list."

This season had more of a mysteriousness feel for me, which I realize that some folk compare closely to the X-Files.

My reply to this is to continue to say that I was an Millennium fan before I was an X-Files fan!

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I think Luminary should be a mandatory inclusion on everyone's list. :oneeyedwinK

Fine choices, all of them and in terms of compiling lists like these then the season two episodes are the ones I struggle with most of all. How can you find five amidst all the wonderful episodes that season had. Truth be told it's probably fair to say the same thing for all the seasons.

That said, I watched "The Curse Of Frank Black" recently and broke my tradition of waiting till Halloween each year and if that isn't a work of televisual art then I don't know what is.


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Yes. I recently left a post in the BTFB blog about "The Curse of Frank Black" being about as creepy and scary as "Lamentation," and how when I first saw it, I was just waiting for creepy things to jump out of the darkness and kill people! That creepy evil egg! It's a great episode to watch in the dark!

But that's how I got started with Millennium. I would get home from work around 12:30am. It came on the FX network at 1:00am. Since everyone but me was asleep, it just made sense to keep the lights off, and boy, did that intensify the effect!

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