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Top 5 Episodes you would rather avoid

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Guest Bono

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Guest byron lomax

I love Season two overall and there are very few episodes I actually dislike; "Sense and Antisense" didn't really feel like a Millennium episode but was still good; "Roosters" was slightly disappointing as a follow-up to "Owls" but was by no means a bad episode in its own right.

My least favourite is probably "Siren" - the episode feels too jumbled and confused. "A Single Blade of Grass" is way too wordy and self-indulgent, and ultimately boring. So I guess it's those two.

I admit I'm a bit surprised by the dislike shown for "19:19". I found it really exciting and well-paced.

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Guest Jim McLean

I must admit, my dislike for Single Blade of Grass has dissipated since I re-watched it and enjoyed Lance's performance. Sure, not perfect, but I think it's actually more re-watchable than I originally realised.

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least favourite:

"Siren" -The conflict that Frank goes through is Great, but the episode really lacks strength.

"Sense and Antisense" - Written well, but very boring.

"A Single Blade of Grass" - It's not too bad, except the ending always seems kinda silly.

Other than that, I don't have any major problems, there's no big disappointments like "Thirteen Years Later."

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Guest Laurent.

Sense and Antisense? Really?

I wish Sense and Antisense would have been aired as a two-parter... I'm sure Chip Johannesen could have done a lot more with his ideas if he had more time.

This episode kind of reminds me of Walkabout... but a bit better and more "X-Filish". But it did touch on the nature of evil (how can you write about the geneticity of evil without getting into X-Files territory?) so I guess it still had its place, especially in a season that relied a lot on theological conceptions of evil.

edit: the word geneticity really should exist... anyway, "geneticity of evil" = "the fact that evil could depend on genetic factors"

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Guest paranoid eyes

Monster ( child abuse, the harassment on the suspect, Frank braking down when he realized that he may lose Jordan –definitely not something I can watch to often)

The Hand of Saint Sebastian

I am aware that I am in a minority for liking a Single Blade of Grass and for putting Luminary on the list- it simply lacked any kind of conclusion

The Pest House- not because of the bad writing, although Frank leaving that poor guy on the gas station with the killer has got to be the most out of character moment, the epy was simply gross

In Arcadia Ego-the worst one, so clichéd and blasphemous without a reason

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Guest RodimusBen

Similar answers from me:

1. Sense and Anti-sense

2. A Single Blade of Grass

3. The Pest House

4. Goodbye, Charlie

5. Siren

Always seemed like S2 got off to a rough start to me. Strong opening but then you have "Sense and Anti-sense," "A Single Blade of Grass" "19:19" (not one I disliked but a lot of other people seem to have) and "The Curse of Frank Black" (would have been number 6 on my list; I still can't get why it's held in such high regard) almost in a row. For me, "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" was when the season started to finally get interesting. Maybe in a sense, it was when I finally came to term with the fact that S2 was going to be an entirely different show than S1 and just decided to go along for the ride.

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Guest faintedblueornaments

I see a lot of people saying that "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" is one of the worst episodes.

I'm sorry, but, I'd have to disagree.

Although I haven't made it all the way through the 2nd season yet, that was actually one of my favorite episodes, so far.

The episode I liked the least, so far, is "A Single Blade of Grass" I thought that episode was absolutely horrible. Although it has good meaning and such, it just didn't appeal to me that much.

I'll have to post again once I'm finished with Season 2 so I can have a full opinion. I just wanted to throw it in there that "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" isn't that bad :)

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Guest CthulhuKaamos

I think 'A Single Blade of Grass' was the only episode that i think was really, really off the mark. Its the one episode that always springs to mind as a huge blemish on an otherwise stellar series that, while having its flaws, was definitely a benchmark that no other show has ever quite reached (with the except of the X-Files being somewhat close).

That episode...I don't know, there's just something so uncharacteristic and out of place about it. I find myself really wishing it had not been a part of Millennium at all! The only other episodes that I would consider a little worse for wear would be 'Beware The Dogs', which i find has enough redeeming features to make up for that something it lacks, and also 'Siren' which feels as if it is a bit of a non-event and not fitting with the series.

But yeah, in my opinion, 'A Single Blade of Grass' has that same feeling 'The Judge' has from Season 1, just feels as if something completely missed the mark, that something was really off about it that made it feel so out of place with the rest of Millennium.

But as i said, that's my opinion and may not be a universal agreement among fans.

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Guest Laurent.

First, welcome to the board fellow Lovecraft fan!

Second, you didn't like the Judge? I think it's perfectly in sync with the rest of season one and better than others in the season (broken world comes to mind)

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Guest ZeusFaber

I must echo Laurent's surprise about hearing "The Judge" in the same breath as "A Single Blade of Grass!" I was nodding along with everything you said there, CthulhuKaamos, and then you went and blindsided me with that penultimate sentence. :biggrin:

As for the above defence of "The Hand of Saint Sebastian," I think there would be plenty of people around these parts to agree with that, of that there need be no worry. Not me, however. To put it more succinctly than usual, that was like Frank Black had wandered into an episode of 'Allo 'Allo!

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