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Guest Laurent.

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Also do those 2 actors look familiar to anyone?

Woman looks kinda familiar but it's hard to say from this distance. And I don't recognize man at all.

And for all those believers wanting to believe I will try my best to get the money shot...no promises but I will try my best, and will get what I can.

Thank you! ;)

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Same here Joe :)

When Lance stated that a Millennium movie would begin shooting this year most of us dismissed the idea as CC had noted that a script had not been written as yet. Since it seemed highly improbable that a movie could be written and filming commence within the remaining time after completing XF2 I thought it was just another Lanceism.

Then *boom* CC does indeed begin work on a new movie (it seems) upon completion of XF2.

I did wonder if our glorious leader was indeed right and CC merely played down his comments in accordance with his love of secrecy.

Anyone any idea as to Lance's location? Alby seen any handsome yet craggy faced actors with distinctive voices knocking about round Belltower?

((Eth puts champagne back in fridge, again))


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Just a theory:

This is a short film that will be part of the promotional campaign for XF2. It will introduce Xzibit's character first investigating into the muders/deaths/whatever that will bring him to the X-File that is the focus of XF2. This short film will be released on the net some weeks prior to the feature film to tease audiences.

Carter working on a different project altogether while XF2 is on postprod seems too far-fetched, even for a workaholic like Carter...

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Guest Laurent.

.... shit! Didn't see that coming, from an interview with Xzibit:

I just finished "X-Files 2", I play a FBI Agent, it's coming to theatres July 25th, and then I'm working on another movie right now called "Fence Walker", it's another movie from Chris Carter. I did another independent film called "American Inquisition", it will be out this year also.

Or maybe... CC forced Xzibit to do some major disinformation! Which I doubt.

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Guest alby25

as of tonight at 6 my aunt picked me up they are shooting on the opposite side of bellflower blvd. Another "new" local has been made for shooting called "somerset city credit union". Around the corner they had a small food area set up for cast and crew. Alot of extras in suits with briefcases....again looks like clothes are of modern fashions.ALOT of police were out. The crew was setting up lighting already had the camera tracks in place.Alot of guys with headsets on...didnt see cc BUT he is truly the only one I know out of directors/producers. If you guys suspect certain people working on the film let me know I will look at pictures and see if they are the men I have been seeing. I saw 2 "actors"(maybe stand ins for lighting) but they were talking face to face infront of the somerset city credit union and she handed him(might have been xzibit not sure) and paper then they ended the scene. It looked very serious and mysterious. Also heard a crew memeber talking to a policeman about something and for the life of me cant remeber but it seamed odd what words he was using. I will try and remember/ask my aunt tommorrow. I was able to take two pictures from afar just of trucks lights ect...we actually got to sit at the red light again...and I went to take a photo of the male and female actors "paper passers" and my camera died!!!! I had extra batterys last night but took them out due to thinking I would not be going anywhere tonight. Also my aunt just called to tell me that bellflower blvd is closed off and cops are surrounding the set...no one can get that close with cars...I dont know about walking. Also she talked to some "not so smart" crew member she said the film was "fence hoppers" lol!!! She had no clue what was going on...said no big stars at all and had no clue why they were filming??? huh? lol BUT they have orange cones all set along maple st with no parking from 7pm-10(am/pm?) for tonight maybe tommorrow...we shall see. For some reason its not letting me upload pictures so I will make a special photo album online and post all my pictures from yesterday/today/ and future pictures on it. Hope thats ok. Untill tommorrow.

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alby, thanks for news!

So what could it be?

My theory:

1) "The X-Files 3" filming

YES: Secret shooting, Xzibit's involvement.

NO: FOX wouldn't greenlite XF3 before they see boxoffice numbers.

2) "Millennium" movie

YES: Lance Henriksen said many times they're gonna film the movie.

NO: Frank Spotnitz recently said in his blog that "possibility is seeming increasingly remote." And nodody saw Lance Henriksen or other Millennium cast members on the set.

3) Bonus features for IWTB DVD/Blu-Ray.

YES: Secret shooting, Xzibit's involvement.

NO: Almost FOUR months of shooting - isn't it too much for some bonus features?

4) Music video for "Dying 2 Live" by Xzibit.

YES: Xzibit's involvement.

NO: 4 months of filming is really too much for music video. And Xzibit said it's a movie.

5) "A Philosophical Investigation" filming

YES: Chris and Frank completed the screenplay long time ago.

NO: Frank said that "A Philosophical Investigation" has no stuido support and it's in development hell.

6) "The World of Ted Serious" filming

YES: Another Carter's in-development project.

NO: There was no information about "The World of ted Serious" for many years.

7) Yes, it's an absolutely new project by Chris Carter which is really called "Fence Walkers"

YES: Xzibit confirmed it. People from the set say it.

NO: Is it really that easy?

So guys what do you think?

And by the way, what the hell is "Fence Walker"? Does it have any meaning in English? I mean, I understand the words but they seem kind of really obscure for the non-English speaker. LOL ;)

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