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The Original Fox Millennium website

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Guest bemp

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I've still got this on my hard drive, and I'm currently uploading a zip file to my website. That'll take some time because speeds are always slower in the evenings here no matter where I'm uploading to. Once that's done, I'll post a URL.

If anyone else wants to upload their copy, that's good because then there'll be two or more places fans can download from.

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I couldn't find mine in the end and I'm not quite sure why as I was able to salvage my Millennium files from the hard drive crash and assumed it would be on the same disc as those. No fear. Thank you for sharing once again Libby. :notworthy:


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Every so often, I have trouble with posting links. I'll have another try:


BEER---> This all I got.


Index of /MM

Name Last modified Size Description


Parent Directory 17-Sep-2010 19:58 -

MillenniumWebSite.zip 17-Sep-2010 21:06 180M

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Beer, if you click on "MillenniumWebSite.zip" you should get a dialog box like this:

post-118-073439100 1284832455_thumb.jpg

Make sure that "save file" is ticked, then click OK. You'll then get the usual option of where to save it. I suggest making a new directory called "MillenniumWebSite".

Once that's done, go to where you saved it and open it with whatever software you'd usually use for unzipping a zip file. If you're not familiar with that, come back and I or others can give some advice.

One thing I forgot to mention is that when all the files have been unzipped, find the file called "Main.htm". Click on that and it will open in your browser, and you can click on the various links just the same as if it was still online. You can also bookmark the main page, but if you look at the address bar in your browser it won't say something like "http: // www.millennium...", it will say something like "file:///C:/..wherever you put it../MillenniumWebSite/Main.htm". That'll save you looking for the "Main.htm" file every time.

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