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Entrance Frame

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Guest Selenolycus

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Where do you see a cross?

This one troubled me because I couldn't help see some sexual innuendo -- in fact quite the opposite, a posture advocating chastity: I was seeing a woman lying down holding her hands between her legs, as if shielding herself. On a second pass, and if you move past this frame to right before the next shot, it looks as if this woman is sitting on the floor (you can guess both her knees and slightly cambered legs). The posture is much more that of despair, as if she was praying before but gave up, now numb. Or perhaps she is protecting something in her hands? (this could be linked with the other shot of hands receiving the rain)

PS: third pass: she (or is it a he?) is rubbing her hands, as if cleaning herself. A reference to Carter & Henriksen's love for pottery? :p


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Now I look at it again, its not a cross - mad moment. Looks more like blue finger nail polish!

I think I've always took this image as a defensive, shielding mannerism - possibly a visual reference to sex crimes.

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Guest Laurent.

I think it follows some of the opening imagery. Some of the sequences involve a "stalker-like" camera, in hiding, following a woman.. now once this "camera/stalker-character" gets too close this woman. She shields herself (in a clearly sexual manner) just to strengthen the idea that the stalker's presence is not desired. And as Orodromeus suggested, the posture of the body has some kind of vulnerability to it; suggesting that this is a victim.

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